Sky Bet Erfahrung » 200 € Sportwetten Bonus (Jan. 2021)

Sports betting in times of Corona. Here is your ticket to the moon. The next DKNG.

I'm basically quoting u/coinforce here. I discovered this gem, because of him and am already 14% plus since I bought. Thanks mate.
Alright nerds, gather round and listen closely. I've graduated to pennystocks chasing these juicy tendies while serving as an autistic prophet delivering good news to the retards and gambling degenerates in that sub.
"Alright u/Sweet-Zookepergame hurry the fuck up and give us the ticker you pumper"
This ain't a pump.
When I see the next golden ticket, I know when to enter with conviction and realize profits while some of you nerds decide to bag hold XSPA and downvote comments to make yourselves feel better.

Score Media and Gaming Inc. (TSE: SCR) (OTCMKTS: TSCRF)

What the fuck is this?
Score Media and Gaming Inc. empowers millions of sports fans through its digital media and sports betting products. Its media app 'theScore' is one of the most popular in North America, delivering fans highly-personalized live scores, news, stats, and betting information from their favorite teams, leagues, and players. The Company's sports betting app 'theScore Bet' delivers an immersive and holistic mobile sports betting experience and is currently available to place wagers in New Jersey, Color.
Key words for you nerds who can't read and have ADHD: SPORTS BETTING
It's already common knowledge sports betting is already big in the North American market - and will continue to generate tons of revenue as states continue to legalize sports betting. Canada is following suit. Legislations will be passed Q1 2021 and we're soon going to see an influx of CANADIAN online betting. Basically all of Canada uses this app exclusively for sports.
🚀 Let's take a look at DKNG and PENN this year 🚀
🚀 Share prices for these companies have gone up 300% already this year alone, and with more legalization coming through 2021, theScore is just beginning to scratch the surface and will follow suit.
🚀 TIMING: As vaccines begin to be distributed and the economy recovers, states are desperate for revenue and will be looking to ease regulations on sports betting. The more Sport games start promoting and reopening, the more these stocks will gain (especially with March Madness, NBA/NHL playoffs, etc.)
🚀 Listen - I'm literally handing you a platter of gold here. If you understand this market, the trends and where actual revenues can be generated - then you understand the play here. Canada is UNTAPPED. This thing will pick up steam soon and will graduate from TSX/OTC and can be easily listed on the NASDAQ. Once that happens, Robinhood will have access and the sky is the limit. I'm not here pumping a fucking non-revenue generating, fuelled by hype only, and a company within an industry that I don't fucking understand.
Clearly, I'm on Interstellar's Endurance spaceship with TARS and CASE about to enter a wormhole that'll slingshot me into another galaxy... while most of you nerds are fighting to get on wooden sail boats. At the same time, I'm from the future telling Murphy Cooper (you nerds) how to find the tendies.
EDIT: FORGOT THESE 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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Liverpool is about to enter the highest level Tier 3 Lockdown. Tier 3 details confirmed: “All household mixing banned and pubs/bars closed“

The rest of the country will be in Tier 1 or 2 lockdown but “The Liverpool City Region - home to 1.5 million - is expected to face the tightest restrictions with pubs and gyms closed, and further rules on households mixing indoors.” Also “all gyms and betting shops will be closed”
Now I’m no conspiracist but funny how the Tories put the harshest lockdowns on the Murdoch hating, Tory hating, Labour supporting city of Liverpool
I genuinely feel for players like Jota and Thiago who have to acclimatise to a brand new City/Country with the harshest of lockdowns
Will this effect the football? How will it work with other clubs coming to play and staying at hotels etc?
Boris Johnson has announced that local authorities in the Liverpool city region will move into the Tier Three "very high" alert level from Wednesday.
As well as pubs and bars, gyms and leisure centres, betting shops and casinos will also close.
PM announces that much of Merseyside will go into top tier - and that gyms, casinos, betting shops will close in too
Shops, schools and universities to stay open throughout.
WTF IS THIS?! How does this make any sense?!
EDIT 3: Liverpool Mayor confirms Armed Forces will be brought in to help with testing etc
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Daily Bonus Rewards List

Last updated: 19/12/20

Swagbucks (GPT site) | Ref ($3 bonus for earning $3)

  1. Answer the Daily Poll for $0.01.
  2. Use the search engine until you win some points. I get two wins each day by attempting it at 8am and 5pm. A third win isn’t unheard of, though I am unsure of the optimal timing. One search win pays $0.04 to $0.31.
  3. Play the browser games. Make one move in the game then use the in-game exit button for an attempt to register. You get $0.02 for every second attempt, up to a maximum of $0.10 daily. Be sure to wait 30 seconds between attempts.
  4. Swagbucks Watch – There’s currently a paid-to-click activity running on auto-play, making $0.20 per day. You may need to use this direct link to find it if you are a UK user.
  5. nCrave direct links (more paid-to-click content):
(a) 7 times a day for $0.07
(b) 7 times a day for $0.07
(c) 3 times a day for $0.03 (seems to be deactivated)
(d) 3 times a day for $0.03 (seems to be deactivated)
(e) 4 times a day for $0.04
(f) 5 times a day for $0.05
See this tutorial video if you’re unsure of what to do.

Honeygain (passive income; sell your unused internet bandwidth) | Ref ($5 sign-up bonus)

Win credits daily from Honeygain's new Lucky Jar feature. One credit equals $0.01.

Hideout TV (video site) | Non-ref

Go on any video, scroll down, click Rewards and claim the daily reward code. When you reach 27 points (takes a few days), you can convert it to points on Swagbucks or other GPT sites. If you use Swagbucks for this, it checks off Daily Discover on your daily To Do list.

BigToken (microsurvey app) | Ref or invite code LAZYMONEYUK

Answer the team question daily to receive approximately $0.05 (join a serious team or manage your own so you can delete people who are about to fail).
Complete any action in the app such as answering an individual question or team question, to receive an incremental daily streak bonus. This pays approximately $0.40 per week.

Inbox Pounds (survey site) Ref (£1 join bonus)

Use the search engine daily to get 7p, plus read 1 or 2 paid e-mails at 1p each. Has the usual surveys and a £20 PayPal cash-out.

StoREwards (receipt scanner app) | Invite code: 1gzhz | Download

Simply open the app to claim an incremental daily bonus which gets you 300 coins per week. This is actually a pathetic amount when you do the maths, but at least the app pays more per receipt scan than its competitors (over 5p each). Use the same e-mail address as the one you registered on Receipt Hog with to get a £1 bonus.

Viewsbank (survey site) | Ref

Get 10p every weekday (not weekends) for answering the ‘Admin Poll’ question. £12 PayPal cash-out. Offers regular exclusive surveys which you will almost always qualify for.

Qmee Pop Quiz (survey site) Ref (50p bonus on first cash-out)

There’s a daily pop quiz question that appears at the bottom of the survey page (next to the poll question). The site now has a countdown showing when the question will appear. Get the question right to win 3p.
Pro-tip: There’s a time limit to answer it, but you can simply close the quiz after seeing the question, Google the answer, and then restart the quiz to select your response.

Free Daily Casino Games With Cash Prizes

Sky Prize Burst (at Sky Bingo)
Instant win game with small cash prizes (e.g. 10p), free spins, and scratchcards. Available from 10am daily.
Sky Prize Machine (at Sky Vegas)
Instant win game with cash prizes (e.g. £2), free spins and scratchcards. Available from 12pm daily.
Sky Lotto
Daily lottery game. Enter your numbers before 7.45pm and check the results at 8pm. Win scratchcards, and hopefully, cash.
P.S. 50 free spins with no deposit / wagering if you sign up to Sky Vegas.
4 Free (at Tombola Bingo) [temporarily replaced by weekly raffle]
A bingo style game. Match 4 numbers on a corresponding prize to win that amount. The chance of winning is low, but I have won £15 so far so it is possible. You need to verify your mobile number to play- They text you an access code every Monday.
4 Free (at Tombola Arcade) [temporarily replaced by weekly raffle]
Visit this sister site each day to have a second go at 4 Free.
Ladbrokes Instant Spins
Get free spins, free bets and cash prizes from this wheel of fortune.
Coral Rewards Grabber
Tap your mouse to grab an item from the claw machine, then reveal your prize. Win free spins, bets, scratchcards and cash.
Betfair Prize Pinball
Launch the ball and see if it falls in a prize slot. Win free spins, bets, scratchcards and cash. It looks like you're guaranteed to get something with this one.
William Hill's The Bonus Drop
A plinko style game in which you can win free spins, betting credit and cash prizes.
Virgin Games' Free Games
Uncover tiles on a board to uncover free spins and cash. You will need to deposit £10 into the site to be granted access to the games, but you do not need to gamble this money and can withdraw it again.
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Big5Casino €5 FREE exclusive no deposit bonus (register)

We have very exciting news! Today, we have arranged a €5 FREE bonus on sign up with Big5Casino. This exclusive promotion doesn't require a deposit! If you want more bonus chips and free spins, then try our exclusive first deposit bonus: 50 Free Spins and 100% welcome bonus!
>> Get Exclusive Bonus Now <<

Big5 Casino Review: Bonuses and Games

Big5 Casino is an online gaming site where you can play casino games for real money.
Launched in 2015 and operated by Condor Gaming, the platform offers both virtual and live dealer casino games in addition to generous bonuses.
The casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and by the Curacao E-Gaming Authority. In addition, all their games have RNG certificates, which guarantees fair gambling.
In this Big5 Casino review I’ll tell you everything you need to know before signing up.

Games Available

As Big5 Casino is a user-friendly site, you can find all the games with just a few clicks.
In total, there are more than 400 different games by NetEnt, Microgaming, BetSoft, TAIN, Quickspin, and iSoftBet.
Here are the all the game categories:
The slots machines have a few sub-categories like new, popular, favourites, and jackpots. You can also see all the games by developer.
Big5 Casino had some games I’ve never played before, and I was happy to find a few titles I immensely enjoyed:
In addition to rare gems like these, Big5 also has all the popular games the majority of gamblers enjoy. Here, you’ll find Finn and the Swirly Spin, Aloha! Cluster Pays, Starburst, and Northern Sky.
Got tired of slot machines? If so, open any of the casino’s other sections filled with card and table games.
Play Single Deck Blackjack, Oasis Poker, Baccarat Gold, or French Roulette - the choice is yours!
The page is available in the following languages: English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish.

A Lot of Live Games for Real Casino Players

As there are lots of online casinos that don’t offer live games, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Big5 has not one, but two different live casinos.
One is developed by Microgaming and the other - by NetEnt.
Scroll through their games and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Interact with your live dealer and see the outcomes of the cards or the roulette ball in real-time.
>> Get Exclusive Bonus Now <<

Big5 Casino Mobile Version

It comes as no surprise that Big5 Casino has a neat mobile version.
Play all kinds of casino games on your Android or iPhone and have a great time no matter where you go.
However, not all games are available when you access the site on mobile.
At the moment, there is no Big5 Casino app available for download.

Games & Networks

If you know a thing or two about online gambling and you are looking for specific games, check out the list of games and networks before you sign up for a free gaming account.

Available games:

Need to know more about the games available at this online Casino? Don't miss the list below then!
Available networks:
Here's where you find everything to know. From the most popular table and live games, to all the networks you can access once you log in.

Customer Support

There are a few ways to contact customer support at Big5 Casino. You can either fill in the support contact form or write them an email.
There’s also a live chat available seven days a week at 12.00 CET - 24.00 CET.
Additionally, VIP players (Lions) get phone support.
>> Get Exclusive Bonus Now <<
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Locowin Casino 500 gratis spins and 1850€ free cash bonus

Locowin Casino 500 gratis spins and 1850€ free cash bonus

Locowin Casino free spins and welcome bonus
Register at Locowin Casino and receive exclusive free spins! Also, enjoy no deposit bonuses and extra free cash after deposit. All free spins come as wager-free bonuses! Keep all what you have won!
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Locowin Casino Review

Walk down the red carpet in Loco’s castle! Provided in five languages, Locowin casino is licenced in Malta and prioritises top customer satisfaction through live chat, email and an FAQ section. You will always be treated like royalty on this site.
Take a tour of the Loco castle and start spinning your way into Club Loco for big rewards. With daily bonuses, regular tournaments, and so much more, Loco is always there to keep you entertained. Sign up and claim your five-part welcome bonus today!

Locowin Bonuses and Promotions

You are welcomed into Loco’s castle with an extremely generous welcome bonus, which is given to you over your first five deposits. Your deposit will not only get matched, but you will also be rewarded with free spins. The money bonus comes with a wagering requirement, but the free spins don’t, which means your free spin winnings are completely yours. Talk about royal treatment!
Our Locowin casino review team discovered that besides the welcome bonus and extensive game choice, the casino offers a Level Up programme. Whenever you try your luck on one of the 2,000+ games, you will fill in a level bar. When the level bar is full, you will reach the next level, and be rewarded free spins, super spins, mega spins or even cash on a selected game, all free of wagering requirements. There are 100 levels to play – will you reach the top?
The fun doesn’t stop there! Our review of Locowin casino also revealed weekly promotions. The first is Crazy Cashback. Locowin casino will give you something back for every spin, every Monday. Once again, these rewards are free of wagering requirements. Keep an eye out for your Crazy Cashback email every Monday, where Locowin casino sends you the details!
You might think that was it, but there’s more - Free spin Friday! If you deposited a set amount of cash during the week, you will get up to 100 wager free spins on an exciting new game. Our Locowin casino review experts think this is a great way to kick the weekend off – what do you think?
There’s one more surprise – ongoing tournaments just make Locowin casino that much better. Offering interactive tournaments, Locowin casino offers play against other real players, meaning you get to compete on the reels for fantastic cash prizes, free spins and more.
Our Locowin online casino review team is really impressed with the amount of promotions and offers Locowin casino has ongoing. You can enjoy all this together with an extensive VIP programme, offering account managers, invites to exclusive VIP events and more. We’re really excited about the possibilities Locowin casino offers its members.
Claim your welcome bonus at Locowin casino by clicking on the table below.
  • 1st Deposit: 100% Match From €20-€350
  • 2nd Deposit: 85% Match From €20-€350
  • 3rd Deposit: 75% Match From €20-€400
  • 4th Deposit: 50% Match From €20-€400
  • 5th Deposit: 100% Match From €20-€350
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Software and Other Games

Loco’s castle is filled with 2,000+ real money slots and games, as seen by our Locowin online casino review team. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a classic Starburst fan, or looking for more action with Mysterious. Looking for fantasy? Merlin’s Magic Mirror’s got you covered! Or would you prefer to go exploring? Join Rich Wilde in the ancient pyramids of Egypt by giving the classic Book of Dead a spin.
If you’re a live dealer fan, then you’re also in for a treat, seeing as Locowin casino prides itself on its extensive live casino lobby. Play against other real players and a live croupier. Whereas most of the games are English based, some of the games offer croupiers who speak in different languages, to really give you an authentic casino feeling. With games like Lightning Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Speed Baccarat, Blackjack Party and so much more, there’ll always be variety in your day.
Add some umph to your play by heading over to the jackpot part of the castle. Our review of Locowin casino gave us access to loads of jackpot slots from Microgaming, iSoftBet, and other massive game providers. You never know, a spin on a jackpot slot like Reels of Wealth could result in a life-changing prize.
It only took our Locowin online casino review team one quick look through the casino lobby to know that Locowin caisno only deals with great software providers. At the top of the page you can see that the games are split into categories, showcasing the latest games in the first tab. And if you prefer to stick to your favourite provider, the search bar to the right of the page allows you to search by provider – a great incentive to make navigation that much easier.
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Locowin Casino Banking and Cashouts

Our Locowin casino review team discovered a vast range of payment methods on the site. Scroll down right to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a ‘Banking’ tab. By clicking on this, you’ll see a comprehensive table of the payment methods Locowin casino offers, most of which are relatively well-known, such as SIRU Mobile. You’ll also see the minimum and maximum deposit for each payment and also the deposit/withdrawal time. All you need to do is pick your favourite and make sure it’s available in your country.
You can deposit funds and start playing with real money as soon as you’ve chosen your preferred payment method. When you want to make a withdrawal, you will need to send in a request. Withdrawal requests usually take between 1 and 2 business days. Once the request is approved, the funds will be sent to you either instantly, or between 1 and 5 days, depending on the payment method chosen.
One thing to keep in mind is that the withdrawal time is dependent on whether you’ve verified your account or not. Account verification is important both for your safety and also to comply with money laundering regulations. To do this, simply submit the documents Locowin casino requires for verification. Doing this as soon as you start playing will get your ready for when you want to cashout as you’ll have a shorter waiting time. KYC documents are processed using an SLL encryption in accordance with the Malta Gaming Authority’s gambling regulations to assure you that your data is safe and decure at Locowin casino.
Our Locowin online casino review experts believe that following the proper regulations and taking the appropriate precautions makes Locowin casino trustworthy and reliable.
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Locowin Casino Support

While conducting our review of Locowin casino, we discovered that there are several different methods of contacting support. The customer support agents are there to tend to your needs via live chat and email. You can also browse through the FAQ section, which is filled with answers to common questions related to security features, games, bonuses and more.
Customer support is offered 24/7 in a variety of languages, meaning that you will not need a translator as language is not an issue. Our Locowin casino review team tried the live chat out and have nothing but good things to say about their quick and efficient service. The customer support agents ask for specific information to locate your account, meaning they verify you, taking your security one step further.
You can find the Support tab on the right side of every page. It’s installed as a widget that follows you as you browse through the casino site. By clicking on the question mark on the support tab, you will be offered the different support options, and you can select your preferred one.
The Locowin online casino review team tested each support method on numerous devices and can confirm that all options work perfectly well on desktop, mobile and tablet.
>> Get Free Spins Bonus Now <<

Our Verdict

No need to build castles in the sky, we’ve got one right here, and we absolutely love it! The Locowin casino review team are incredibly proud to recommend this casino. With around the clock support, a more than generous welcome offer, great promotions and fast and efficient customer support, you’ll have everything you need from the moment you register.
Crazy Cashbacks, Free spin Fridays, ongoing tournaments, Club Loco – it’s all pure royal treatment. Sign up and claim your welcome bonus today!
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Sunset Spins Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus code

Sunset Spins Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus code

Sunset Spins Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Collect 100 no deposit free spins and 100% up to 100 GBP welcome bonus to Sunset Spins Casino! This exclusive offer is active for all new players from UK. Click on the promo link below and use special bonus code to qualify for all prizes.
>> Claim Free Spins Bonusese <

Sunset Spins Casino Review

Sunset Spins is the latest casino from Nektan and you can certainly see their fingerprints all over this beautifully designed site. The overall impression is one of a retro 80s California dream. The background features the silhouette of palm trees against a sunset sky with hues of purple, red and yellow. The logo mirrors this colour scheme, sitting proudly in the top left of the screen, while just below this a rolling banner shows the main promotions currently on offer.
If you’ve ever visited more than a few Nektan casinos the layout is one you should be familiar with. The website template is the same one they use for many of their other sites. Nektan obviously work by the old adage that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The bulk of the screen is filled with slots titles, with 32 smaller tiles and 2 large ones at the top. If this sounds overcrowded then don’t worry. Somehow they manage to squeeze a lot in on Sunset Spins and still give you room to breathe. It’s no mean feat but it’s a welcome one.

About Sunset Spins Casino

The Sunset Spins Casino is ran by Nektan Limited Casinos, a prolific group of casino operators and game developers who run Monster, Fortune Frenzy, Betreels and Reel Vegas. Perhaps the best known site they operate is The Sun Play, the casino site of the British tabloid newspaper. Nektan also have a deal with LeoVegas, providing their unique slots games for integration into the brand. Most recently the group signed a deal with Come Dine With Me to create a bingo site based on the popular UK TV show.
The group are ran out of Gibraltar under the regulation of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and in the UK by UK Gambling Commission. A search for the company on the UK Gambling Commission’s website shows that Nektan have no recorded sanctions against them from the commission.

A Host of Developers

Sunset Spins is a site which not only offers a huge amount of slots and casino games to punters, but also offers games from a wide range of developers. Surprisingly for a company which develops its own games it doesn’t try especially hard to push its own content. At the time of writing the two featured games on Sunset Spins are Wild Wild West and Starburst, both of them from the excellent team at NetEnt. Other games featured include Moby Dick by MicroGaming and Pegasus by Inspired. Sunset Spins offer games from a total of 18 developers so there is plenty of variety to be enjoyed.
>> Claim Free Spins Bonusese <

Sunset Spins Casino Games

In the casino section of the site Sunset Spins finally pushes its own creations a little, with the top two titles of roulette and blackjack both being developed by Nektan. That’s not to say Nektan are your only options, the site also offers casino games from NetEnt, Realistic Games, Felt and Extreme Live Gaming. The live versions of casino games are provided by Extreme Live Gaming giving you the closest thing to a casino experience from the comfort of your home.

Sunset Spins Casino Bonuses

Sunset Spins has a 100% deposit match bonus for all new members up to the value of £10. If you qualify you also get 10 free spins worth a value of 10p per spin on Starburst. That means there is a total sign up bonus of £11 for all new members. This isn’t the best signup offer we’ve ever seen but it is still better than nothing at all. This bonus is also subject to a 30x wagering requirement so keep that in mind.
The site further has a win boost Wednesday offer. On Wednesday all winnings above your deposit figure are calculated and given a 10% boost. You must deposit a minimum of £10 on the day to qualify for the win boost but if you’re playing anyway this is not exactly a hardship. The win boost is capped at £50. The site has further offers and spin bonuses but most of these are capped at fairly low levels which gives the impression that Sunset Spins is aiming for a more cautious type of gambler, or one who only bets small amounts daily.
>> Claim Free Spins Bonusese <

Sunset Spins Casino Banking

Sunset Spins doesn’t have a dedicated banking page, but for most queries regarding finances the FAQ does a reasonable job of explaining what procedures the company follows. Sunset Spins accepts payment from a number of credit cards and vendors including: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafe, Skrill, Trustly and Zimpler. The site further accepts payment from Boku, the payment services company which operates using your mobile phone number. This payment method allows you to pay for items by providing your mobile number and has the value of that payment added to your phone bill.
The maximum you can deposit into your casino account with Boku is £30 per day. Just remember that Boku payments are charged at 15% so only £25.50 of the payment is actually credited to your casino account. For all other deposit methods the casino has no charges. The company restricts punters to one withdrawal every 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal figure is £20 and the maximum is £2,000. Withdrawals may take 72 hours for the company to check before processing. As is often the case you need to provide photographic ID such as a driver’s licence as well as a utility bill to provide proof of address in order to complete some cash withdrawals.


Although Sunset Spins does not set itself apart from other casinos in Nektan’s catalogue, it is a very nicely produced and developed endeavour. The site looks gorgeous and while it cannot literally transport you to California’s sun-kissed coastline it does capture some of the feel of the OC. Although Nektan are an experienced operator of both casinos and games the site takes care not to push Nektan titles above all others. The range of titles on offer is excellent so there are plenty of options to keep your entertained.
A signup bonus at any site is always a welcome thing but at Sunset Spins the £10/£11 on offer does seem a little light. The inescapable conclusion is that Sunset Spins is a site that is aiming for low-rollers rather than high. Casino operators love small but consistent profits, much more than some punters realise. If you’re a little bit more cautious in your gambling and like to take the slow and steady approach then maybe a site like Sunset Spins could be ideal for you.
>> Claim Free Spins Bonusese <
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b-Bets Casino €5 FREE no deposit bonus on registration!

b-Bets Casino €5 FREE no deposit bonus on registration!

Exclusive No Deposit Bonus
Open your account with b-Bets Casino and collect €5 free bonus money. This promotion comes as a no deposit bonus. Additionally, get 120% exclusive welcome bonus on first deposit!
>> Claim Free Bonus Now <<

b-Bets Casino Review


Regardless of whether you are anticipating for your favorite football club to score a goal, or if you need that multiplier wild to land in the right position for the big win, b-Bets casino is the place where all this is possible.
This is an online casino and sportsbook founded on experience, as it was started in 2014. The company has an operating licence from the government of Malta which means players can enjoy a secure, legitimate i-gaming site where wins are paid in cash.
Some of the highlights that deem b-Bets a popular destination are the auctions in the sportsbook part of the site, the slots competitions and a rather sizeable offering of bonuses and promotions that all registered players can claim more than just one time.
Our casino experts' b-Bets Casino review takes into consideration all elements that cover the site in its entirety. Our conclusion is that this site can rank in the top of the medium-level casino tier, very close to big fish out there. Needless to say, it is definitely worth checking it out.

Online Slots and Providors

We mentioned there are more than 30 providers at b-Bets, but who all is exactly on that list? We can mention few and anyone that wants to explore the rest is welcome to claim the b-Bet casino bonus and play.
Some of the companies are iSoftBet, NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Play'n GO, Quickspin, Big Time Gaming, Booming Games, Pragmatic Play and many other big and exclusive studios.
b-Bets Casino has two strengths if we really have to make such a distinction. Online slots are one, thanks to a huge list of games that come from more than 30 top-level providers. The selection of slots includes new games, popular games, as well as jackpot slots, some of which offer prizes of more than 25,000x times your bet.
Pro players out there can look up a game they know for its potential by using the search button. New and casual players can take their pick from the lot of games by checking out new titles, popular, varourites, jackpots and so on. More than 500 online slots are accessible both on the b-Bets casino mobile site as well as on personal computer.
>> Claim Free Bonus Now <<

Table and Live Casino Games

In all objectivity, the list of virtual casino games isn't as high as the sky, but it offers enough table and card games, and a variety thereof, to provide the players with solid options.
Browsing the b-Bets casino website opens up several categories: poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and video poker. If anyone is up for instant scratch cards, these are available also. And just in case, the 'Other Games' category offers several bingo games, keno, craps, virtual racing games and more.
One of the most sought-after platform for online casino gaming are live dealer games. These are provided by solid operations only and b-Bets casino is one of those. Players can explore few dozen games that can be played online but against the dealer live. Games include varieties of poker, blackjack, hold'em, baccarat, roulette, but also football studio, monopoly live and more.

b-Bets Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Slots players can enjoy a bonus galore via EkstraPoint by claiming the offer for new players. So those who have never played at b-Bets casino, this is your chance to seize your key.
The bonus offer provides a 100% match-up on your deposit for up to €250. On top of that, b-Bets is going to add 100 free spins as part of the welcome offer.
This may be the best offer for new players, but it isn't the only one. Those who register can receive additional promotions via email, as well as regular promotions such as Free bet Fridays, daily free spins and more.

Vip Program

One of the highlights that makes b-Bets casino stand apart form other casinos are the Auctions.
These represent a loyalty offer, which is an ongoing thing that's available to all players.
The way it works is, claiming bonuses adds BidBet credits. These can be used to make bids on different bonuses such as cashbacks, free spins, deposit offers and more.
What is more, simply playing casino games and betting on sports matches causes points to add up. Every €20 distributed in bets on any slot game adds 1 BidBet point.
BidBet points can accumulate over time and provide a nice package of credits that can be applied to any of the list of options that are available on the website.
>> Claim Free Bonus Now <<

b-Bets Casino Mobile Experience

The quality of the gaming experience comes from the quality of the website. The b-Bets casino mobile site is state of the art, but only because the desktop site is so stellar.
Players can navigate both with ease and explore the gaming categories that have neatly collected slots, casino games and promotions according to style, jackpot size, date of release and so on.
Some players don't have a favorite slot or casino game and if you are one, don't worry a bit. B-Bets casino has a ticker on the homepage that shows the latest winners, with the amounts they've won as well as the game. To some, this gives an idea what slot game to play next.
Of course, there are many other niceties about the site, such as the ability to log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter, the option to place limits or to self-exclude, which is in line with the company's safe gaming commitment, and more.

b-Bets Casino Payment Methods

b-Bets casino enables players to make a deposit by using some of the world's most popular services. These include MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, NetEller, Paysafecard, ecoPayz, Interac, Siirto, Instadebit, Zimpler, bank transfer and more.
Minimum amount for deposits is €10.00 and the minimum for withdrawals is €20.00 per transaction.
>> Claim Free Bonus Now <<

b-Bets Casino Support and Security

Getting in touch with b-Bets casino is easy. The website offers a live chat and email option. All inquiries are responded to at the fastest ability of the b-Bets help desk.
In terms of security, the website has 128-bit encryption and protocols that enable players to log in securely, make transactions and enjoy privacy, as the company complies with the laws and regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority.


Players who want to have slots, casino games and a sportsbook handy should not overlook the b-Bets casino bonus for new players. Signing up is secure and takes a couple of minutes, only to avail more than 500 online slots, a whole variety of casino games, live casino and a sportsbook that has the world’s best football leagues, and more.
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[GUIDE] How to get your first 10-20$ skin for free + proof (Clickloot) (REUPLOAD)

Help me in the comments to get this guide better and more complete and share it to your friends!

Heyya (sorry for my weird english I'm french) !
Since I reinstalled Clickloot like 1-2 weeks ago, I tried to find as many tips as possible Imma share it to you guys :)~I'll add more tips in the future
So let's start:

[BASIC TUTORIAL] Pass this part if you already have clickloot

-Go to or install the mobile app and create a new account by steam or anything it doesn't matter at the start (later to withdraw you'll need your steam account)
-Click on rewards and claim as many things as possible (use my code "nefreex" for referral, you get 250 coins and it's always appreciated ^^)
You should get your first 500 coins ez pz

[HOW TO GET THAT FAT MONEY] Basically the useful part

Get the mobile app then go to earn (bottom left corner)Depends on your location you'll get different surveys and offers but the most important surveys should still appear.
If you see Tapjoy or Ironsource, go on them. They're basically the best ones for me, high paying surveys and you surely get your money, prefer Tapjoy because you get offers who rewards you a part of the coins each time you get closer to complete the survey
Do one of the surveys below:


Huuuge casino and Billionaire casino

~20000-30000 coins for getting to level 200 (they offer different amount of coins sometimes, depends on the level required, consider taking the one mentioned right above on Tapjoy if you find it, you get parts of the rewards at level 50-70-100-150-200.
Time: some days or hours (depends on the offer and the luck)Many useful tips here:
Other tips :
-you can't loose all your chips until you get to level 30-40 [NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED]-at the beginning you can go full max bet-consider using the 3-4 first machines, they're giving good amounts of chips (I prefer using Huuuge diamonds wins (rare wins but high rewards) because the firsts levels you're completely rigged and then God of sky (less rare wins and decent rewards))
-you can use macros to close popups and to claim rewards it works-don't spam the machines for my experience you get less wins
-don't give up if you don't have any more money, just retry tomorrow and claim as many daily/ club rewards as possible. You have 30-60 days to complete this survey !
-use the advanced search to find diamond clubs and join them, you get a decent amount of coins on those clubs.


~3000 coins to get profile level 3 found on Tapjoy
Time : 30-45 mins
Difficulty : Easy
If you don't receive your coins after doing the survey it's a bug on this one it's okay, wait 24hrs and send a ticket to the support of Tapjoy with a screen showing that you got to lvl 3, I got credited less than 24hrs later ^^
-when they ask you which games do you like/ play (i don't remember exactly sorry) just click on all games, you'll get more choice
-focus on the xp, look for the two best ones and try to hit on both lvl 3-4 (different level than the profile one, this way you're level 3 (or almost, you just take the third best game and get this one to lvl 2 to get profile lvl 3)

Pop slots

~5000 coins to get to level 27 but some redditors said that you get a different survey (25$ to level 28) [NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED]. You get the full amount of coins only when you complete the survey.
Time: 1-2 days
Tips:I found another reddit tutorial for this [NEED TO BE VERIFIED]
Other tips:
-you can go full afk with this one + macro for more speed

Words with friends 2

(only seen on ironsource), ~500 or 1400 coins if you complete 25 words against an opponent, really easy if you know how to play, if not just find a quick guide on YouTube (trust me it's so easy)
Time: 1-2 hours max (btw don't stress if you didn't get your coins right after, I got them 3 days later)
-No matter winning or loosing the game, just make 25 words-Make a private game with another account and play vs yourself [NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED]
-Use less letters and try to make the most words per round-If you feel that it's the right game, use all you addons.
-If you play vs a random and you're winning, always try to loose. Your opponent will more likely stay on the game and you get your points ez.
-You can use scrabble cheats if you're lazy to think just search on Google

Neverland Casino [WORK IN PROGRESS]

(actually finding a good survey and finishing it)
Still a nice guide here :
btw I'll think I'll use a lot of those Swagbucks tutorials, they're great.

Coin Dozer

~1800 coins to get level 25.
Difficulty : So easy
Only tip : change your clock time to gain coin just like you play it everyday, ez survey.

Coin Master

~3000 coins to get to the 4 village.
Time & Difficulty : Okay, few days (you just need to go on the app 1 or 2 times per day for some mins)
-Connect with Facebook to boost the beginning if you want.
-If you're linked with facebook, loop up for free coins website that gives coupons for the game ( ) (french site but first links should work and gives out a bit of coins in the game if you're logged in to facebook)
-Don't waste time on it, give it some mins, spin & upgrade and then quit, that's it.


~10000 coins to get lvl 100 (found on fyber)
Time : 1-2 days
Difficulty : ez as fck
Tips :
-You can easily afk
-Connect to Facebook and use this site : to get tons of free coins ;)


~500 or 1000 depends on survey platform, get to 700 coins on it.
Time : 2 hours
Difficulty : Easy
-Claim all things that's possible to claim, you're already at +400 coins by doing nothing.
[UPDATE] You have two methods to farm :
1st one, spamming ads for 1 coin until you can't. After that just do a cheap mission like launch and install the app, and then spamming ads again (you can make a macro for this).
[NEW] 2nd one, go to playtime rewards, allow the app and then play Coin master (avoid this game if you're already doing the coin master survey, just do another app), idk if afk while the game is opened works, I suggest you to interact every 1 or 2 minutes [NEEDS TO BE VERIFIED].
The 2nd option is faster, but not available for everyone !


-Bluestacks works and you don't get banned using this (best option if you don't have a phone) (a friend tried and still use it)
-DON'T USE VPN ! You get banned really fast if you use a vpn to get better surveys
-Be kind with the support ! They have a hard work with all those kiddos who wants a knife without doing anything. Shoutout to Braincell! This active chat moderator, you can ask him anything he'll respond, he's the best x)
-Avoid those weird ~50 coins surveys that tells you to install a shitty app and launch it, this apps are always the same (shitty game always repetitive and many ads) you don't get any rewards from these and I found these apps creepy.. [NEEDS TO BE VERIF.. nah i'm joking xD

[WITHDRAW] The best part x)

[Be careful and check market prices! Sometimes you can overpay a lot]
-Don't worry you get the trade offer shortly after buying be sure to fill out your trade url before.
-If you trigger their anti-fraud system and they tell you to contact them, don't worry just contact them they have a really nice support (they usually respond in less than 24h) it happens to me and after that I could finally withdraw :p
MONEY SYSTEM: 1000 coins ~~ 0.80€ (if you pay attention, you overpay everywhere, they make a decent marge of money, skins are the ones that you'll overpay less)

[Proof and credits] my recent winnings (I already got some skins before but it was some years ago) and I currently have 7000 coins at the time I'm making this guide.
Update : withdrawed and now i made 2000 :)Update 2 : I'M AT 18000 NOW OMG
I'm at 31000 now, looking for a ft ak neon rider ;) ;) A friend got bo2 by doing huge casino and billionaire only
Thanks for reading ! Help me in the comments to complete this guide and share it, use my affiliate "nefreex" it's really really appreciated :))
Imma go to sleep, tomorrow I'll add more surveys and read your comments. Good luck everyone !
Update: New surveys and making it more readable ;)
Update 26/07 : Updated Slotomania, I'm currently making a hard survey which can give me 27000 coins so Ima tryhard it x)
Update 24/08 : Added Mistplay, updated my coins. Please share the tutorial guys !
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Sloty Casino 20 Free Spins No Deposit on Registration!

Sloty Casino 20 Free Spins No Deposit on Registration!

Sloty Casino No Deposit Bonus & Review
Exclusive welcome bonus for new players at Sloty Casino! Sign up now and receive 20 No Deposit Free Spins! Plus, there's a 100% up to 300 EUUSD bonus and 300 Free Spins after the first deposit! Click on the link below to collect special bonus codes and open your account right-away!
The sky based Sloty Casino welcomes you with an exclusive welcome offer straight after your registration. Sign up today and spread your wings! Sloty Casino offers many casino games to play and win BIG. Play today with the exclusive bonus offers of CasinoTopsOnline. Do you want to find out more? Click on show more to read the full casino review or claim the exclusive bonus offer.


With the online casino industry booming, new casinos are popping up almost daily. Some casinos stick to straightforward offerings while others turn up the level of excitement. Sloty casino is one of the latter; this online casino brings you a mixture of gaming magic and storytelling. Each and every minute spent at this online casino will be like reading a good book.
This theme-based casino comes with a bright and funky design that immediately captures your attention. Sloty casino has one goal in mind and that is providing you with a gaming experience like you’ve never had before.
Indulge in gaming fun that is out of this world and grab hold of your seat as spectacular rewards, games and service will keep you on the edge. No matter what you are looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it at Sloty casino.


Apart from providing you with spectacular entertainment, Sloty Casino also offers players a variety of mind-blowing bonuses. Each and every new member will receive a welcome bonus package to help them on their way as they begin their adventure.
The welcome package provides you with up to $1,500 in bonus funds and 300 free spins. This welcome package is available to all new players. The welcome offer will be split across your first four deposits at the casino to ensure you get the maximum amount of bonus funds and fun out of the package.
On your 1st deposit, you can get a 100% match bonus of up to $300 as well as the 300 free spins. To get this bonus you need to select the bonus from the dropdown box at the cashier when making a minimum deposit of $10. The 2nd deposit is a 50% match of up to $400 and the 3rd and 4th deposit will get you a 25% bonus of up to $400. These last three bonuses can only be claimed using the specified bonus code on the Welcome Bonus page.
The 300 Free Spins will be available to you from the first deposit with the first 30 being credited to your account immediately. From there you will receive the rest of the free spins in batches of 30 per day over a course of 9 days on pre-selected games. All bonus funds need to be wagered 40 times before any withdrawals can be made. And free spins are valid for 72 hours after the New Player Welcome Bonus has been activated. Any deposits made via Skrill or Neteller will not be eligible for the New Player Welcome Bonus.
In the Sloty universe, the bonus fun only starts with your welcome package but it explodes with daily promotions that include Happy Hour free spins, monthly extra mile bonuses and more. You’ll also become a VIP with your own set of VIP wings that’ll help you reach the best promotions, bonuses and service. Each and every day will feel like your birthday!
18+ Full T&C's Apply.


Some online casinos require a special bonus code for you to claim your welcome bonus offer. At Sloty Casino the Welcome Bonus package is divided over your first four deposits. While you won’t need a bonus code to claim the first deposit bonus and 300 free spins you will need a bonus code to claim the last 3 bonuses. Welcome, Bonus Codes:
  • Second Deposit – WSLOTY2
  • Third Deposit – WSLOTY3
  • Fourth Deposit – WSLOTY4
Most of the bonus offers and promotions at the casino won’t require a bonus code, only that you select the specified bonus in the dropdown box at the cashier. However, if a bonus code is required Sloty Casino will always provide you with one.


Registering at Sloty Casino is quick and fairly easy as long as you have all your necessary information with you. Once you’ve registered your Sloty Casino account you can start cashing in on amazing bonus promotions such as the four deposit welcome offer. Here’s how it works:
  1. Click the Sign-Up button on the Sloty Casino website.
  2. Create your new Username and Password.
  3. Fill in your personal details (Name, Surname, Date of Birth).
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  5. Click Register Now and get ready for the action.
Once you’ve completed the steps the casino might request supporting documentation to verify your account such as proof of address or proof of identification. From there you can start making deposits and playing a wide range of games available.


If you haven’t already fallen over your feet to sign up at Sloty Casino, you’ll definitely feel like doing so when you hear about the massive selection of games available. Sloty is powered by some of the biggest gaming developers in the industry which includes Quickspin, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming and Play ‘n Go. The name might make it sound that Sloty is focused purely on slot machines but don’t fear, there is a wide range of different casino games to choose from.
There is a selection of over 1,200 games to choose from which includes a set of top quality card and table game variants. Players can improve their skill and test their luck with multiple variants of Roulette, Blackjack and Poker to choose from. For those looking for something in between a slot and a card game, there are over 10 different Video Poker titles on offer. There are plenty of fun and smaller gaming titles for those looking for a quick thrill, including Mini-Games and Scratch Cards.
And lastly, there is an overload of online slots to choose from and with the gaming developers on board you know it’s a list of only the best games. Players can spin their way to big wins on popular slots like Gonzo’s Quest, Wild Wild Chest, Twin Spin and Fire Joker.
And if you’re looking for slots that can turn you into an instant millionaire you can always try Jackpot Games like Totem Lightning Power Reels, Divine Fortune, Pirate’s Plenty and Tiki Fruits to name a few.
The casino games have all been divided into different categories making it easier to find your special preferences of games. You can choose from New Games, Popular Games, Video Slots, Jackpot Games, Table Games, Other Games, Classic Slots, All Games or Must Fall Jackpots to list only a few. Sloty Casino makes playing online casino games fun, adventurous and full of excitement.


For the players who prefer a more personal casino experience, there is a massive range of Live Casino games to indulge in. At Sloty Casino you can look forward to choosing from nearly 100 Live Casino variants.
You get to chat with the dealer while increasing your wins on Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and others. Apart from the classic variants, the casino offers exciting live variants such as Lightning Roulette and Monopoly Live. There are a number of Exclusive Live Casino variants available here too. The Live Casino has something for everyone no matter what your budget and you can choose whether you want to take a seat at the regular or VIP Live Casino tables.


Each online casino has a target market and a number of games they provide which ranges from online slots to live casino and sports betting. While Sloty Casino has a massive selection of regular online casino games and Live Casino games to choose from they have no Sportsbook available.
If you are in need of a proper Sportsbook it would be best to head to an online casino such as Leo Vegas Casino or Guts Casino. These casinos offer regular online casino games, Live Casino variants and an impressive Sportsbook. Both Casinos have exclusive bonus promotions and rewards for sportsbook players available too.


The best part is that large selections of their online casino games are available on all mobile and tablet devices too.
Sloty Casino can be accessed from anywhere at any time via any mobile device as long as you have a solid internet connection. You can use your regular account login details to access the site and enjoy smooth gameplay while on the go.
The site has been optimized to run smoothly on all devices and game performance is excellent on all devices. The mobile site includes almost everything you’ll find on the desktop browser including the best bonuses and promotions. With Sloty Casino’s mobile offering nothing will stop you from taking a few spins to kill the time.


Depositing and withdrawing are as easy as 1, 2, and 3 at Sloty Casino. The site includes only the most trusted payment options to ensure that all transactions are safely processed. To make a deposit you can use payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, Trustly and Zimpler. The payment methods available may differ depending on your region as not all regions allow transactions via the same payment options.
All deposits are processed instantly and there are no additional fees attached when making deposits.


Withdrawals can be made via the same payment options and will be processed within 3 to 4 working days depending on the method used. If you withdraw via E-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Trustly or Zimpler your pay-outs could happen within less than 24 hours.


If you run into any problems or you have some queries and questions you need answering you can contact the support team around the clock. No matter what time of day or night they will be ready to assist you via Live Chat, Phone, and E-mail. There is also a list of detailed answers on the most generic questions in their FAQ section.
Sloty also embraces modern technology and is already building a presence on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Give them a like or a follow to make sure you’ll be the first to hear of new promotions, game releases or giveaways.


Promising you a gaming experience that is out of this world, Sloty makes sure that you get that experience in the safest and most secure environment. The site makes use of SSL digital encryption technology to make sure that all your information is kept confidential. Under no circumstance will your information be distributed to third parties. As a fully licensed site, Sloty adheres to all the necessary rules and regulations needed to ensure a safe and non-fraudulent gaming experience for all players.
The casino games are all run through a Random Number Generator that is certified and gets tested on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the gaming outcomes remain fair and untampered with by either the casino or the players. The casino also encourages players to stay responsible during their gambling experience. There are various options to help you limit your gameplay, deposits and play. For players who might be developing a gambling problem, there is also the choice of temporarily freezing the account. And there are helplines and sites linked to the casino.
Sloty Casino was only established in 2017 but since then has been making an effort to build a trustworthy and reputable brand. The casino is constantly looking at new ways to improve their services and give players even better gaming experience. Any complaints or problems with the casino is attended to promptly and resolved in a matter of days. Sloty Casino is one online casino where you can play with a heart at ease.


Sloty Casino is owned and operated by Genesis Global Limited, a company that has created the massively popular Spinit Casino and Casino Cruise. The Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. As a regulated and licensed online casino Sloty adheres to strict rules and regulations to ensure a fair and safe gambling environment for all players. Genesis Global Limited is incorporated under the laws of Malta (C65325) at registered address 28, GB Buildings, Level 3, Watar Street, Ta’ Xbiex, XBX 1301, Malta.
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b-Bets Casino €5 FREE no deposit bonus & free spins

b-Bets Casino €5 FREE no deposit bonus & free spins

b-Bets Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Open your account with b-Bets Casino / Sportsbook and claim €5 free bonus without deposit! In addition, score a 100% match bonus and 20 free spins on slot games. Exclusive Offer! No bonus code needed!
>> Exclusive Free Bonus Here <<

B-Bets Casino Review


Regardless of whether you are anticipating for your favorite football club to score a goal, or if you need that multiplier wild to land in the right position for the big win, b-Bets casino is the place where all this is possible.
This is an online casino and sportsbook founded on experience, as it was started in 2014. The company has an operating licence from the government of Malta which means players can enjoy a secure, legitimate i-gaming site where wins are paid in cash.
Some of the highlights that deem b-Bets a popular destination are the auctions in the sportsbook part of the site, the slots competitions and a rather sizeable offering of bonuses and promotions that all registered players can claim more than just one time.
Our casino experts' b-Bets Casino review takes into consideration all elements that cover the site in its entirety. Our conclusion is that this site can rank in the top of the medium-level casino tier, very close to big fish out there. Needless to say, it is definitely worth checking it out.

b-Bets Online Slots and Providors

We mentioned there are more than 30 providers at b-Bets, but who all is exactly on that list? We can mention few and anyone that wants to explore the rest is welcome to claim the b-Bet casino bonus and play.
Some of the companies are iSoftBet, NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Play'n GO, Quickspin, Big Time Gaming, Booming Games, Pragmatic Play and many other big and exclusive studios.
b-Bets Casino has two strengths if we really have to make such a distinction. Online slots are one, thanks to a huge list of games that come from more than 30 top-level providers. The selection of slots includes new games, popular games, as well as jackpot slots, some of which offer prizes of more than 25,000x times your bet.
Pro players out there can look up a game they know for its potential by using the search button. New and casual players can take their pick from the lot of games by checking out new titles, popular, varourites, jackpots and so on. More than 500 online slots are accessible both on the b-Bets casino mobile site as well as on personal computer.
>> Exclusive Free Bonus Here <<

b-Bets Table and Live Casino Games

In all objectivity, the list of virtual casino games isn't as high as the sky, but it offers enough table and card games, and a variety thereof, to provide the players with solid options.
Browsing the b-Bets casino website opens up several categories: poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and video poker. If anyone is up for instant scratch cards, these are available also. And just in case, the 'Other Games' category offers several bingo games, keno, craps, virtual racing games and more.
One of the most sought-after platform for online casino gaming are live dealer games. These are provided by solid operations only and b-Bets casino is one of those. Players can explore few dozen games that can be played online but against the dealer live. Games include varieties of poker, blackjack, hold'em, baccarat, roulette, but also football studio, monopoly live and more.

b-Bets Promotions and Bonuses

Slots players can enjoy a bonus galore via EkstraPoint by claiming the offer for new players. So those who have never played at b-Bets casino, this is your chance to seize your key.
The bonus offer provides a 100% match-up on your deposit for up to €250. On top of that, b-Bets is going to add 100 free spins as part of the welcome offer.
This may be the best offer for new players, but it isn't the only one. Those who register can receive additional promotions via email, as well as regular promotions such as Free bet Fridays, daily free spins and more.
>> Exclusive Free Bonus Here <<

b-Bets Vip Program

One of the highlights that makes b-Bets casino stand apart form other casinos are the Auctions.
These represent a loyalty offer, which is an ongoing thing that's available to all players.
The way it works is, claiming bonuses adds BidBet credits. These can be used to make bids on different bonuses such as cashbacks, free spins, deposit offers and more.
What is more, simply playing casino games and betting on sports matches causes points to add up. Every €20 distributed in bets on any slot game adds 1 BidBet point.
BidBet points can accumulate over time and provide a nice package of credits that can be applied to any of the list of options that are available on the website.

b-Bets Mobile Experience

The quality of the gaming experience comes from the quality of the website. The b-Bets casino mobile site is state of the art, but only because the desktop site is so stellar.
Players can navigate both with ease and explore the gaming categories that have neatly collected slots, casino games and promotions according to style, jackpot size, date of release and so on.
Some players don't have a favorite slot or casino game and if you are one, don't worry a bit. B-Bets casino has a ticker on the homepage that shows the latest winners, with the amounts they've won as well as the game. To some, this gives an idea what slot game to play next.
Of course, there are many other niceties about the site, such as the ability to log in with Facebook, Google or Twitter, the option to place limits or to self-exclude, which is in line with the company's safe gaming commitment, and more.
>> Exclusive Free Bonus Here <<

b-Bets Payment Methods

b-Bets casino enables players to make a deposit by using some of the world's most popular services. These include MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, NetEller, Paysafecard, ecoPayz, Interac, Siirto, Instadebit, Zimpler, bank transfer and more.
Minimum amount for deposits is €10.00 and the minimum for withdrawals is €20.00 per transaction.

b-Bets Support and Security

Getting in touch with b-Bets casino is easy. The website offers a live chat and email option. All inquiries are responded to at the fastest ability of the b-Bets help desk.
In terms of security, the website has 128-bit encryption and protocols that enable players to log in securely, make transactions and enjoy privacy, as the company complies with the laws and regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority.


Players who want to have slots, casino games and a sportsbook handy should not overlook the b-Bets casino bonus for new players. Signing up is secure and takes a couple of minutes, only to avail more than 500 online slots, a whole variety of casino games, live casino and a sportsbook that has the world’s best football leagues, and more.
>> Exclusive Free Bonus Here <<
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Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino Free Bonus & Review
Are you a new player to Videoslots Casino? Register now and get 11 free spins bonus on Starburst video slot game! This promotion comes with no wagering conditions meaning that all your winnings can be instantly withdrawn. Good luck!
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Here <<

Videoslots Casino Review


Have you heard about this intriguing new online casino called Videoslots Casino? With a total of 6 Casinomeister Awards, this gambling site piqued our interest, and we could not resist, but to tell you all about it. This 2011 creation from a group of Swedish enthusiasts is known as the Mecca of slots, and for a good reason. Players can dive right into the fun, fruity, and bonus-filled Extra Juicy slot. Or, join Genghis Khan’s mighty Mongol army in the Sword of Khans slot, which is filled with free spins and multipliers. And, don’t let the name fool you— VideoSlots Casino is about more than just slots.
You’ll also find a superb selection of Jackpots, table games, Scratchcards, Poker, and live dealer games from over 70 game developers. Did we also mention that VideoSlots also trump’s most casinos with their banging bonuses and promotions? Now that’s a real deal! VideoSlots Casino doesn’t only provide excellent gaming, it does so legally under the license of the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Danish and Swedish Gambling Authorities. So, if you were still hesitant to give them a shot, now you can be sure the casino is not up to any funny business.
>> Collect Free Spins Bonus Here <<

Visiting Videoslots Casino

We heard a thing or two about and decided to go and check what all the hype was about. Before we delve into all the goodies the online casino has to offer, let us plunge you into the world of colour and blurred lines between your mind and VideoSlots Casino. Grab some popcorn, and let’s jump right into our VideoSlots review. Your journey starts with a dark background that provides fisheye focus to the pops of colours and fun visuals that will grab your attention.
The gold 3D casino logo, complete with a slot handle, comfortably floats above a massive stack of tumbling gold coins. The VideoSlots login has a black gradient and is set up against the dark background, making it a bit hard to locate. Both the register and VideoSlots Casino login buttons are also cluttered by customer support buttons, which adds a bit of confusion to the top left corner of the site. However, the addition of a responsible gaming link right at the starting line earned the operator some positive VideoSlots reviews. A cascade of rose petals into a fiery red hidden background adds layers of mystery to this already dark and mysterious online gaming podium.
You’ll find some odd link combinations, such as the thin white Payments, Forgot Password, and Game Payouts links against an amber background. Right below, you get links for Home, Welcome Bonus, Weekend Booster, Jackpots, All Games, Clash of Spins, and The Wheel of Jackpots. If you’re not sure what to try first, then stop for a while and get sucked into the different colourful scenes from the most popular slots. In case you need a nudge in the right direction, colourful jewels from Starburst are hurtling down from a starry sky, with a generous welcome bonus.
Further down, we scrolled through a list of recent winners or buy into the Battle of Slots, all with colourful icons and bright white text. The rest of VideoSlots Casino is an onslaught of colourful slot icons against a pitch-black background, as far as the eye can see. On the left sidebar, you get game categories—Jackpots, Video Slots, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and a whole lot more. The latest news also keeps players abreast with daily promotions. A short VideoSlots Casino review rounds up the games lobby. And, of course, payment options, huge diamond-shaped, greyscale arrays of payment options and game developers, useful links, and licenses form the website footer.
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Videoslots Casino Bonuses

And, the moment every player can’t wait to hear about, bonus time! Okay, c’mon! If you’re thinking you don’t need bonuses, then you, my friend, have never been to VideoSlots Casino. Like all casinos worth checking out, VideoSlots has a couple of tricks up its sleeves. When you first step into the casino, you’re greeted with a VideoSlots welcome bonus of:
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Once you’ve gone through the welcome offer, you’ll be amazed by the extra goodies that await you. With the Weekend Boosters promotion, players accumulate all the spins they’ve made on slots and get a guaranteed win of up to £300. The VideoSlots bonus is paid out every Friday. If you were wondering, there aren’t any VideoSlots no deposit offers. But wait! Players can join the Battle of Slots tournament for some exquisite prizes. Looks like the operator knows how to grab online casino players’ attention.
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Videoslots Casino Mobile

It’s always great when you can take your work and play wherever you go— whether it’s taking that conference call with a new client at the park, or playing the latest online casino games while you wait in line at the supermarket. When it comes to the latter, VideoSlots Casino has you more than covered. We’ve figured out what all the hype over the VideoSlots app is about, and we’re eager to share it with you. So, grab your drink and hang on to every word! The operator doesn’t have any native apps in the Apple or Google stores, but the VideoSlots mobile site does everything you’d need from an app. Once you load up the website, you can tell that you’ve got the Mecca of Slots right at your fingertips.
Videoslots Casino works with the best developers and the games are super fun and worth trying using mobile browsers like Safari, Yandex, or Brave. The operator offers the mobile site to players who use iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Android devices. The graphics are pretty intense, with deeper blacks than what you get from the desktop site and the pops of colour that add loads of character to the website. Unlike what you’d have with native apps, any new games that are added to the desktop site will immediately show up on the mobile version. Apart from placing their bets on the move, players on VideoSlots can also use the mobile site to make payments and communicate with customer support agents.
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Videoslots Casino Games and Software

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Videoslots Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

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When you’d like to get some winnings from your VideoSlots account, you can use the same payment options. Some exceptions include Paysafecard and MasterCard. The on-line casino will process one withdrawal per day without any fees. Any subsequent payouts will attract a £2.50 charge, and a 3.9% charge if you haven’t played any games with your deposit. The least amount that players can withdraw is £10, and you should receive your money within 3 business days. It’s probably an excellent idea to verify your VideoSlots account as soon as you set foot in the casino, rather than wait for when you want to make your first cashout. As part of their licence requirements, the operator will require you to submit copies of your ID and proof of residence.
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Videoslots Casino Responsible Gaming

For the most part, online casino gaming and sports gambling at the bookies is harmless fun. However, a small proportion of players end up needing more to feel the same thrill they felt when they played for the same time. Even more, end up trying to make money from online casino games, and end up going bankrupt. What these players have in common is the uncontrollable urge to play with more money and time than they can afford. This type of gambling is commonly known and problem gambling. VideoSlots Casino is fighting very hard to ensure that you and every one of their customers continue to play safely and enjoy their favourite games. We took a thorough look at how they do such a fantastic job, and here’s what we found out.
VideoSlots views online casino games as only a form of entertainment and encourages every player to do the same. They can adjust the amount of money that you can deposit, wager, or lose during a particular period. Customers can also take the option to self-exclude or take a short break from the casino. Playing at VideoSlots on desktop or mobile devices is restricted to persons who’re over the age of 18, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction if it’s higher. The operator, therefore, verifies the ages of every new player. VideoSlots also recognises that the internet is now readily available to children, and urges their customers to use filtering software to prevent minors from gambling.
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Despite only coming onto the scene in 2011, Videoslots Casino has become a force to reckon with and has won the hearts and souls of a lot of online casino gaming enthusiasts. The operator starts with a selection of generous bonuses and promotions to get you started. Dubbed the Mecca of slots, VideoSlots is brimming with titles from over 70 game developers. They aren’t bookmakers, but the casino does have some sports-themed games for players who like such spice in their games. Table and live dealer game fans will also find several Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker options to cater to their tastes. What we know for sure is, whatever your game preference, you’ll most definitely find something to suit your needs at this gaming podium. Needless to say, VideoSlots is the online casino that most players have been missing. The casino website comes in a dark and classy theme and layout that create a relaxed gambling environment for both new and experienced UK players. In the payments arena, VideoSlots offers a comprehensive selection of banking options. Speedy processing times and workable minimum transaction limits are the order of the day. The operator also provides a responsible gambling-friendly environment where customers can play with less risk of addiction.

Pros and Cons

That all for our VideoSlots review folks! The games and bonuses were indeed memorable, but we think a recap would be a great way to sign off.
  • The casino has lots of games to play and is excellent all-round.
  • Quick payouts starting from just £10
  • Players get an excellent welcome bonus and generous promotions.
  • The games have fair RTPs
  • The customer support system seems to confuse some customers
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Starburst Not On GamStop

Starburst Not On GamStop
Best casino offers for starburst and other netent slots not on gamstop ->
Starburst is one of the classics of the video slot game world and has been gaining popularity ever since its release. This simple but quite entertaining slot offers the player a sparkly basic gameplay mode as well as possible re-twists on the power of the jokers. Moderate wagering changes ensure that many players enjoy this timeless game and the excitement it brings.
And if you are wondering whether you can enjoy this evergreen slot at online casinos not on GamStop, we are here to bring you good news and provide you with the best non GamStop gambling sites where you can enjoy this timeless slot game.

starburst slots not on gamstop
If you have ever used the free spins you received as a casino welcome bonus, you have probably played Starburst. It is one of the most popular games to which such bonuses are distributed so you may often find bonuses such as Starburst 50 Free Spins Bonus. It is widely available at various online casinos, so for that reason, it certainly makes sense to use it in bonus offers; after all, it is already a familiar game for many. And you don't need a big game fund to play it, but even with smaller stakes, you get off to a good start.
NetEnt is a skillful slots developer and it was no wonder that Starburst slot not on GamStop also quickly gained popularity among players. And there's not a drop in popularity in the near future.

Non GamStop Starburst – Game Play

First, before starting the reels, the player must place their bets on the buttons below. There are 10 wagering levels in this slot not on GamStop and the value of the coin can be adjusted from one cent to the euro. There are 10 pay lines that are fixed in the game. It is therefore not possible to activate them separately, but all of them are in use throughout the game. This should be taken into account when setting the bet.
Once the input is set, you can start the reels from the green button in the center of the control panel. In principle, playing the game is this simple! If you want to learn more about the game's special function and possible symbol combinations, you can find information about these in the payout table. It can be accessed by clicking on the green ‘i’ icon on the control panel. It is worth it before you start the game to have a look at what kind of winnings are possible from the reels of this game to cash out and how these winning combinations are formed. Then this is the way it is, and all you have to do is roll over and go.

Starburst Not Blocked By GamStop - Theme and Layout

The Starburst video slot not on GamStop takes its players into a spacious atmosphere. The dark violet background and sparkly symbols create a rather fascinating atmosphere in the game, which is maintained by the soundtrack that fits the game. Space is not a very unique theme in the world of slot games, but Starburst has already achieved classic status, so it will come up when the games of the same theme are listed.
Although there is no actual theme in Starburst, it is usually counted as either space-themed or classic slot games not on GamStop, which certainly fits both. The game's symbols hint at classic coin games with bar symbols, but the futuristic wild symbol takes your thoughts to the starry sky and conveniently fits the background color of the game into a suitable space atmosphere.

Starburst Not Covered By GamStop - Symbols

In the Starburst video slot game, the symbols are supplied by sparkling diamonds, a seven, a bar symbol, and a Starburst symbol. Smaller wins can be achieved with purple, blue, and orange jewels, while green and yellow gemstones bring slightly bigger wins. In this game, sevens and bar symbols that are stylized to suit the theme of the game (which are a bow to traditional slot games) bring the biggest gains.

Wilds and Scatters

The only special symbol in the Starburst not on GamStop is the Starburst symbol. It is a star-shaped piece with a white pearl shining in the middle. The star's jackrabbits, in turn, shine in the colors of the other symbols in the game. This symbol can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reel of the game. There are no scatter symbols on Starburst at all.
Starburst Slot Not On GamStop - Bonus symbols
Like scatter symbols, Starburst reels do not see Bonus symbols. As we have said, the only special symbol in the game is the Starburstsymbol, which acts as the wild in the game.

Starburst Slot Special Feature

Starburst's only special symbol can also activate the game's only special feature. This happens when the game reels are hit by a star-shaped Starburst symbol. This symbol expands to cover the entire reel, i.e. all the symbol locations found on it. After this, the reels spin again. If another Starburst symbol appears, this will be rewarded with another re-spin. The maximum re-spins to be obtained are 5.

Stakes and Profits

You can place bets on the reels of the Starburst game on a fairly wide scale. Although there are only ten pay lines available, the number of symbols is lower than in more pay lines games. So this means that profits are basically no more difficult to snap. However, even the number of symbols or pay lines alone does not affect this.
The number of active pay lines is therefore not adjustable in the game, but the value and wagering level of the coin is. The value of the coin is placed somewhere between €0.01 and €1.00, and in addition to this, a bet level of between 1 and 10 must be selected.
In terms of profits, the interesting thing about the Starburst slot not on GamStop is that it pays the profits not only from left to right but also from right to left. You can get the biggest win in a game when five golden bar symbols hit the pay line.

Starburst Mobile Slot

NetEnt, which developed Starburst, is known for its amazing gaming creations, but also for successfully moving them to a mobile format. For this reason, no one will be surprised when we say that there is also the most amazing mobile version of Starburst. It pays homage to this great game, and gameplay has not suffered at all from moving to mobile. Everyone's own opinion, of course, affects the experience of playing on mobile, but we found that when playing on the touch screen, the game's functionality was even simpler and more intuitive than when playing on the computer screen. So, thanks to the provider's skills, we get to enjoy NetEnt slots not on GamStop on a variety of devices.

Starburst Not On GamStop - Summary

Starburst is a classic of the slot game world, offering both beautiful graphics and nice game experience. The player has the opportunity to experience a special action at any time when the wild symbol hits the reels. This wonderful symbol is the salt and sugar of the game,otherwise, it implements the very traditional formula of the slot game not on GamStop– without the fruit symbols. Whether the player has a smaller or larger game budget, playing is nice and potentially rewarding.
So if you're looking for a dive into the coin-op classic, Starburst slot not blocked by GamStop is a great choice. It also works very well to start playing slot games, as it often offers a wide range of bonuses and free spins, but it is also a very simple game to understand, so anyone can get to the bottom of it quite quickly.
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State of the Game (After Layoffs): FAQ

As no one really compiled the data from Planetside 2's current state into one place, I decided to do active tracking for informational purposes of what we currently know for Planetside community public use, and these difficult times in the uncertainty of the game.
Due to moderator request, this post has the exact content they have written. Less easy to read, but has all context directly.

BBurness (Bryan Burness, Senior Designer, then H1Z1 designer)

Q. In your opinion, is the game going to shut down within 6 months?
A. Nope; not unless a significant number of people stop playing (please do not do that) or daybreak itself shutdowns (please do not do that as well)..
Watching how PS1 died shows how it may happen:
Not six months, unless DBG does something really, really stupid in that time; like hyper monetize the game... You could check out steam stats trends and with a arbitrary exodus number (say 300), you could make an somewhat educated guesstimate as to when that might be; but it would be only slightly more informed than looking into a crystal ball.
hopefully we have a new and shiny Planetside game by then
Alright, pls clarify that.
Do you know about anyone already working on such endeavour?
Do you know about anyone planning to work on such endeavour?
Do you know anyone who you would see capable and willing to work on such endeavour?
Do you know about anyone already working on such endeavour?
Do you know about anyone planning to work on such endeavour?
Do you know anyone who you would see capable and willing to work on such endeavour?
Anyone? as in people/persons; yes, many, many people are both capable and yearning to make Planetside 3; Do I think DBG can do it and do it well? Nope...
IMO, The problem isn't the game developers remaining at DBG; they are more then capable and willing to make a great Planetside game. the problems as I see them are:
In terms of outside companies: Absolutely, some may not agree but I honestly think Amazon Games (under Smed) would be a good fit; he shared the vision for Planetside 1, lets get back to our roots and see what we can make. It's not limited to them, there are a a large number of really good game companies out there that could do amazing things with the Planetside franchise. Keep in mind, there are nightmare scenario companies out there as well (think Planetside 3: Mobile Casino and Store) and not to scare you too much but they have a TON of money to spend. I for one am ready to roll the dice, I want to see DBG get paid and happy, and at the same time, Planetside to have the best chance at a bright future.
Q. More focus on PS2? Interesting, why specifically do you think they'll go that route?
I also look forward to Sunderdome. For what it's worth, PS:A was pretty fun.
A. Disclaimer: Opinion based and speculation
1) Because it still makes money..its the only valid option they have taking into account the news of DBG setting up "separate franchise teams" and assuming the planetsides stick together.
2) I know who they laid off, and the people they let go (not myself, because somehow a fellow Redditor, who I'm not entirely sure wasn't my mother, correctly deduced level of my incompetence) and that list screams "oh shit! oh shit! oh shit! everything is on fire!!" , atleast to me; seriously half of those people probably got poached while walking out the door yesterday.
My guess...(unless teams get full autonomy from execs)
They monetize the crap out of PS2, in the hopes that the new marketplace content will bring people back to the game (I will laugh while weeping if I'm right about this one..)
PSA makes a hailmary play with Sunderdome or other mode and/or spends some money on marketing
Q. Do YOU think there's any chance the Planetside IPO will be purchased?
A. I do..It has value and was purchased from Sony by a company who at the time stated in they had a five year plan and suggested (at least how I remember hearing it) that they would sell off the company at that time.
Now for the speculation...I'm the furthest thing from an expert here
Q. Why did CAI even happen and why was the feedback ignored?
A. Hey, So i mentioned in another thread I may not have been on the team for that update (already moved to Mercs/H1Z1) so I can't really speak about it directly. Although I think we were discussing the initial concept when I left. I remembering something about a Lib change early on, making ESF more of air superiority vehicle; having ESF control the sky would allow libs to bombard the ground; I remember liking that on a conceptual level.
As for feedback being ignored, I can't speak to that directly. I can list a few reasons it may have happened.
Direction from above; particularly if there was a monitization aspect to it. Unless a money feature was being introduced I doubt this was it, and honestly one of the hidden benefits of H1Z1/PSA development is it helped kept what we called "Exec Agro" off of Planetside and the other established games; it's kinda like giving them a shine toy to play with over there so the important work can get done here. (Goodluck with the agro Wrel :P) Example time!: Construction Update, we had Orbital Strike and a few other features that we felt really brought the system together ready to go for the launch; but just before that the execs/marketing saw the OS (on screen) and felt that it could be used to drive sales in a future update; so they had us pull that along with a few other features; compromising the system as designed. ~6 months later they basically said nevermind at told us to release the everything else...
The people implementing didn't agree with you.. feedback is feedback, Devs consider it and then make decisions based on their goals for the system/feature.
Feature was designed/planned and then passed onto people with different ideas for it making early feedback requests..awkward...Looking at the timing on this, this isn't impossible.
Q. I think this means PS2 and Arena are 'off-leash' so to speak, they are technically not daybreak games anymore, daybreak seems to be moving to occupy the role of publisher and all of their IP's might be finding a little more autonomy. A. lol, I'll believe it when I see it... We were told about this 6~ months ago; told "they" were going to step back and let us have "control of own destiny".. 30 seconds later in the same speech we hear "We are putting in 3rd person camera" in PSA a feature I know for a fact 90% of the team did NOT want...I called them out on that right then and there...their response, it's to differentiate our product from our competitors and PS2...our competitors... half of the BR games out there are 3rd person...
If they truly do this and leave ALL decisions to their respective teams that would be amazing and PS2/PSA would have a decent chance to make something amazing happen...but ya, this is me not holding my breath...
Q. But why? Let's be real, the Planetside lore is minimal at best. We're here for the massive battles with combined arms set in a sci-fi universe.
Ex-SOE/DBG devs can get together and come up with a spiritual successor. That's all that's needed. If anything, it's more freeing.
A. Money, we all need it. Making MMOFPS is a massive investment of time, money, and talent; people just can't afford to not have a income for the years it would take to develop a game like this independently. This kinda of game just isn't realistic without a serious investor willing to accept the risk; owning the IP would help mitigate the risk a bit but it's still a risk. I believe in the viability of MMOFPS, and I'm sure you do to but unless someone has ~10-20 million dollars to put on the table it's not just not going to happen.
Q. As much as i appreciate your post: I've seen quite some of these in the past - and despite all the forced positivity in them it was never going uphill from there.
I just wish any dev or anyone who has really something to say would actually be blunt at one point. Won't be you, so i can only wish you all the best.
A. No "forced positivity" here; I'm angry, I have been angry for a while (hence my ready to leave) but I'm telling you honestly it is not at the people actually making the games and it is not at a_sites.
I know, I'm dancing around the subject...Let me say this, I would love to see DBG sell the company and make a profit on the sell, because that's what I believe their goal is; and that's fantastic goal to have. I would also like is the buyers to be a company or individual who not only has the drive for profits but also has a passion for games and in particular the MMOFPS genre; while at the same time understanding that their passion for games and profits doesn't automatically make them experts on making those games and that they can learn a great deal from the developers they hire at all levels and endeavor to become part of the process not just control it from above; because I would absolutely LOVE to work for a company/individual like that and would apply the same day of the sell if possible.
I don't know. maybe that's hoping for too much...
I pretty sure that all kinds of grammatically incorrect even for me; but I'm tired and had a few drinks so not caring so much right now. :)
Q. This is why it's justified for people to be upset with PSA. DBG invested money into something that was a horrible idea and probably isn't even going to make enough money to let them cover the development costs. Now everyone is paying the price for that abortion of a game.
A. PSA was not originally meant to be BR only. One of the two pitches for it that I know of stated that it needed to be more then just BR to succeed; and that was two years ago. I believe pitch may have even described a match based mini Planetside mode (think sever smash) to help bridge the gap to PS2; even go as far as to add a "Try the battle? Experience the war with Planetside 2" link in the game; the idea was to expose the BR demographic to Planetside.
I understand many of the PS2 players response to what was released, but the review bombing was horrifying to watch knowing that it was going to hurt PS2 as well but not having anyway to stop it.
Also, PSA got PS2 a ton of development including but not limited to DX11 and improved scripting; it wasn't a waste from PS2 perspective. If it wasn't PSA it would have been something completely different and not even remotely Planetside related. it's pure fantasy that Planetside 2 would have received any additional resources if PSA wasn't made; myself and others were moved off of PS2 before PSA was even a concept (if you don't count Mercs, but that's another story)
Q. So who is left on the PS2 team? Do you sense that any of them are soon going to be jumping off the sinking ship that is DBG?
So who is left on the PS2 team?
I can't answer that, it's not fair to the people who have left but want to remain anonymous and it's not fair to the people who are left but want to remain anonymous. In my experience the public knows roughly 1-5% of a dev team; everyone else just wants to do their job in peace.
Do you sense that any of them are soon going to be jumping off the sinking ship that is DBG?
I can't speak for anyone else, and I didn't sit in the same area of PS2. Speaking for my self..I was just about ready to jumpship and I absolutely love Planetside; it's one of primary reasons I wanted to work at SOE. Planetside is an amazing franchise and I will continue to maintain my believe that it is the model of future PvP fps gaming. (my bias may be showing here :P)
Going forward I'm happy to be a window into my experiences working on PS2 at Daybreak Games but I will be drawing the line on sharing anything that I feel will harm (personally or professionally) my fellow game developers; or anything that harms the Planetside franchise.
Q. Well no I'm not asking you to name names. I'm just talking about what number of devs are still working on PS2. Like, is it still an optimistic amount or is it low enough that we shouldn't ask for too much?
A. Ah, well I think they will need to move some resources over to help out, but the devs left involved with PS2/PSA are extremely talented and are more then capable of doing great things in PS2, if allowed to.
Q. Why have they been so lax with marketing PS2 for so long? Not to the community and only rarely advertising externally?
Did they think it didnt need advertising? It wasnt worth it? Always seemed strange that they didnt do more there.
A. For PSA; I don't know..
For PS2, You mean now? i don't know how much it would help, maybe they don't either? Outside of email blasting new content to bring old players back, I personally wouldn't even know how to advertise this game.
There's a entire industry devoted to marketing; if they aren't advertising It's probably a safe bet that someone with some level of expertise on the subject decided it wasn't cost effective. but that's just a guess.
Q. revamp the map with psaa stuff and mapparts
A. I don't see this happening; PSA Amerish was striped of way too much PS2 elements; it would have to be rebuilt for the most part; and at that point just make a new continent at work towards the magic 9 number. (9 continents is the number that I believe intercontinental lattice would become viable; that that adding it in ad this point in the games life cycle would make a whole lot of sense.)
Q. I imagine art/sound/engine improvements for Arena translate to PS3 easily. It's easy to see how it could be the stepping stone.
A. I can't imagine they would use Forgelight for PS3...If I had to guess, PS3 will be built on a heavily modified version of unreal unless some 3rd party grabs the IP and wants to use their own proprietary engine.
Q. You mean like a 3rd party studio that's currently developing it's own proprietary large scale networking code and corresponding backend for a UE4 based MMO that's staffed with a lot of key technical and artistic talent from SOE? ;)
Assuming they can get Ashes out the door I think it's almost a given that Intrepid will consider taking a run at an MMOFPS but I think they'd be better served to distance themselves from the financial/creative failures (real or perceived) of the PS IP. What is there in the PS IP that's even of much value if someone wasn't interested in the technical IP?
A. Very good points, you may right. Outside of the Tech, knowledge base still employed at DBG ,and PS2 market value, I think only the name/cannon has any value and that is only worth has much as a moderate marketing campaign aimed at this community (past/present), because one thing I know we are all waiting for is some solid competition.
If Intrepid does get into the MMOFPS making business I for one would be thrilled! They have PS2 and even PS

DBPaul (Paul Dziadzio, Planetside 2 Programmer, Engineering)

Q. Im still so curious about the dieselpunk WW1 PS2-esq game they worked on for a bit.
A. When the money was good they bought licenses for two VERY high profile IPs, but never had a team or pitches to build the games tied to them. That coupled with really frantic decisions from on high, rapid expansion with no structure in place, and trying to force an esport used up a lot of the $
Q. Just sell the Planetside franchise already..
To the devs: Thank you for your hard work, I wish you all the best.
Just sell the Planetside franchise already..
It would be the best thing for the game in all honesty
Q. I want to respect people's privacy. If they want to confirm that they've been laid off, they are free to do so, but I am not going to out them.
A. Appreciate it. I didn't make a big deal out of it because I didn't feel as connected as some of the other devs, but I didn't survive this one. 4th time's the charm I guess.
We did what we could with the resources that we were given. I'm super proud of the work we were able to do. The team was as small as 3 people for a certain time and I'm really proud of how that team was able to pull together and make magic happen. I wish everyone who will be working on the games the best of luck, and hope that the relationship with those making decisions changes for the better.
It's been a pleasure PlanetSide 2
Q. Please select the choice that most closely resembles the number of devs who spend the majority of their time on Planetside 2. Round down until N+2 and round up on N+3. Multiple answers may be correct; Choose the best one.
A. 0
B. 5
C. 10
D. 15
E. 20
A. F. Enough to have the potential to do some cool stuff, but not as much as anyone who ever touched the game would really want to be on there.
Go easy on A_Sites going forward, he is a great guy and cares a great deal about the people work under him. Imo, none of the problems that plague Daybreak games/Planetside stem with him or anyone below him; he has a tough job and often requires him to be the punching bag between multiple unrelenting forces. He wouldn’t say this himself so I’ll say it for him; he is an asset to Planetside and any future Planetside project would be better off to have him involved.
Wrel; He’s smart, he’s driven, and he cares a great deal about Planetside; things are likely to get very stressful for him in the coming months. I personally believe that as a result of the layoffs there are going to be some “interesting” changes coming to PS2 in the coming months; believe me, Wrel will be fighting the good fight behind the scenes and what we all end up seeing will be the least damaging iteration of it possible. So please go easy on Wrel as well.
A. 1000%
We did what we could with the resources that we were given. I'm super proud of the work we were able to do. The team was as small as 3 people for a certain time and I'm really proud of how that team was able to pull together and make magic happen. I wish everyone who will be working on the games the best of luck, and hope that the relationship with those making decisions changes for the better.
Q. What was the most difficult thing you worked on in Planetside 2? I got the impression that you fixed a lot of the not so visible but important systems that made the game a lot more enjoyable.
A. A LOT of the core systems are adapted from existing systems which were adapted from existing systems and so on an so forth. I don't know if it was the most difficult thing, but early on I remember doing the groundwork for the Implant Revamp and having to navigate the item / item line / item line set / skill / skill line / skill line set paradigm. Oh also Implants weren't of Item Type "implant" that was something else; they were of Item Type "boost". Unraveling all of that was kind of a frustrating mess.
Q. So I guess one big question is on the surface it looks like there’s been some serious brain drain in terms of people with the engine knowledge to fix any deep underlying issues that crop up. Is that needless gloom and doom or an actual possibility?
A. Honestly it depends on where they focus the remaining resources. PS2 has been resource starved for so long that it may actually gain development power out of all of this.

muldoonx9 (Alex Hoffman, former Planetside 2 Programmer)

Q. kind of hope if ps2 does die , they release the assets and source code . could imagine a community driven game with some things revised and taken out etc . Ps2 forever
A. This will never happen. Too much middleware (which isn't Daybreak's to release) and potential for exposing vulnerabilities with the other games that share code, either Forgelight or Platform backend.
Q. let me translate. first something like... "can i have your recipe for that delicious cake?"
"nope, because i'd have to disclose how oven are made"
and then the security-thru-obscurity card is played in all seriousness.
A. Off the top of my head, Planetside and H1 use: nVidia PhysX, Scaleform, morpheme, and vivox. These are all expensive stuff Daybreak licenses and it would need to be ripped out before open sourcing (not an easy task) and then it would take people a long time to get it to a functioning state because entire systems would need rewriting to function without them.
So it's more like "our recipe for the cake is secret cause it makes money, but if we released the recipe, you need $100k to get flour wholesale from a specific distributor otherwise it doesn't bake at all."
and then the security-thru-obscurity card is played in all seriousness
Not giving hackers the blueprints to the security system seems like a valid thing, no? Daybreak is obviously not doing well financially (otherwise there wouldn't be layoffs) and spending extra money on beefing up security to release code open source is a bad financial decision.
Q. Why not? Shouldn't you just have to delete the files daybreak doesn't own the rights to? (Don't know what SCM you used but in git that should be rather simple)
A Cause our code has deep integrations and would give indications to stuff under NDA from those middlewares.
But more importantly: It won't happen because it costs money for no return.

Nick Silva's Final Departing Message. (Planetside 2 Producer)

To all the various developers and community members that have reached out to me in the past day. Thank you for you for your support and concern. I grew to love PlanetSide 2, its community and especially the scrappy team I had the honor of being part of for three years. Good luck!

DBDrew's Final Departing Message. (Planetside 2 "Community Manager"/Game Designer)

Its hard to write one of these, especially with how embedded I feel like I've gotten into the community. But as of today, I'm no longer a part of Daybreak Games. Since coming on, this team has done things way above expectations. Both attempting to make huge features, as well as doing our best to respond to and make the game better in general. While there were absolutely hiccups on the way, I feel the team did as much as they could with as much as was given to us.
I plan to continue playing Planetside, and doing what I can to interact with the community, no longer as a dev, but as a friend. I want to take all the lessons and growth I've made from working on this game to another studio, and give it the same attention and passion that I feel I've brought to this game. I have faith in Wrel and the changes going forward, the path that was set before is long, difficult, and entirely worth it. Its been an absolute pleasure to work with you and riff ideas with you. You'll do your best, you always do.
As for my future, I plan on landing on my feet, continuing to move forward, and improving.
[Feel free to ping me on discord, or here, I'll be around on this account a bit longer, and will be on discord for forever.
<< Up to date as of 10/13, running until end of events. >>
< !!! Tracking PS_NICTO, BBurness, muldoonx9, DBPaul, DBDrew !!! >
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Spellslinger Fingerbangs Scott

Slightly early happy fourth of July everyone! And belated Happy Canada day to our northern neighbors! And just happy days all around to everyone else! This is a chapter a loooong time coming. But I just kept kicking the idea around in my head, unhappy with it until things felt like they fell into place.
Without further ado the long awaited next chapter of Spellslinger!
My Stories
My Patreon
“So… what exactly are we doing again?” Fenrina asked as she helped Steve fit some parts onto a large contraption he was assembling.
“We’re going to stop Scott, and fight his army of skeletons.” Steve reminded her as he slapped some pieces together and wrapped plenty of his special flexible fabric of aquatic bird binding around the parts to hold them in place.
“No, I mean yeah. I get that. But… like how? And what’s this for?” Fenrina asked as she lifted a giant wheel up so Steve could bolt it to the side of his project.
“This is what will help us break through his army. I call it… Spellslinger’s automatic fossil fuel external combusting self propelled mobile engine! Or the SAFFECSPME for short.” Steve grinned and proudly posed before his machine.
“Steve you are just… terrible at naming things.” Sherry sighed with a slow shake of her head as she looked up at his rather haphazardly slapped together invention.
“I am not! You take that back female with whom I have relations!” He huffed. “I’m so tired of all these stupid artifacts we find that are just like… The orb of wonder! The circlet of insight! The Staff of penetrat- Actually that one is rather self explanatory… Regardless! When I name something people don’t have to be like oh I wonder what that does. No! They know exactly what it does right from the get go! Hah!” He once more set his hands on his hips and struck a proud pose.
“Why not like… take some of the words and stick them together? Like… That sorta means the same thing right?” Fenrina suggested with a shrug.
“The automobile?” Steve asked as he gave Fenrina as confused look. “Pfft. What’s that even mean? It’ll never catch on. Unlike SAFFECSPME!”
“Safakspm?” Fenrina tried.
“No. SAFFECSPME.” Steve corrected her.
“Safeskspem?” She tried again.
“We’ll deal with that later.” Steve waved a hand dismissively. “What’s important now is waiting on word from the Archon that she’s finished up the spell we’ve been working on. Then we… well we wait for some of the skeletons to get here. I don’t have any more fossils so we need to smash them up and toss them in there.” He pointed to the large scoop at the front of his vehicle full of large spiked grinders. “Then inside I have a reserve of arcane water to mix with the ground up fossils, which then combusts here, which is why I’ve got the pipe to make sure most of the explosion is external. And then it’ll start moving forward.” He explained with a slow nod.
“How do we… steer it? And… where do we sit?” Sherry asked as she eyed the machine with a very nervous expression.
“Uh… I’ve got a wheel like on a ship, and I’ve made… seats.” Steve gave another vague wave at the machine. The seats he had bolted or strapped into place were more of the just fit wherever style over the actually made with purpose style. “Oh also, since this is super dangerous don’t forget safety first. Goggles everyone.” He went around to hand them each goggles.
“These will help us if it explodes?” Fenrina asked as she strapped them onto her face.
“Oh no. Not at all. They’re just to keep sand out of your eyes when we’re going fast.” He explained.
“Well, I do like to go fast.” Fenrina nodded with her usual levels of confidence and complete lack of concern.
“Can I mention that so far you’ve yet to mention how we’re going to defeat Scott. Or how we’re going to assemble the rest of Fenrina’s people. Or! Or how you’re even going to cast your spell!” Sherry reminded them even as she put on her own goggles.
“The Archon is casting that spell I mentioned. It’ll round up all of the people who’ve become…. Were-huskies and drop them near us. Don’t worry about it. Also I still need a better name than werehusky. As for casting the spell? Once we’ve mashed up that many of Scott’s skeletons I should have lots of power to use.” Steve shrugged. “As usual our best plans just sort of… happen. Without planning.”
“That makes them not plans.” Sherry drly remarked. “What about Scott? You heard the Archon she said he had powerful magicks with a K. Even with all four of us I’m not sure we can breach such old spell barriers.” Sherry then reminded him.
“Yeah but that’s why Steve is going to finger bang him.” Fenrina reminded them with a shrug.
“Ugh…” Steve groaned at that. “Just… stop saying that.”
“You guys won’t say what’s wrong with finger banging people! So until you do I’m just going to finger bang bang all day!” Fenrina wagged her fingers at the others.
“The finger that I’ve sabotaged will strip away his shields and then he’s like a basic skeleton. Uh… that is alive and talks and stuff. We can smash him real easy then. Larry could even deal with it… if he hadn’t forgotten all his spells for fighting undead and replaced them with party tricks.” Steve glared at the dwarf then.
Larry insists it so unfair to shame a cleric for choosing to fight boredom at parties of sexy elves instead of fighting boring unsexy undead.” Both Sherry and Steve rolled their eyes as Larry tried to defend his practice of quick casting more… gimmicky spells. Such as transmute water to wine, and greater mood lighting.
“Regardless we need to hold them from getting past this part of the Hamak desert because if they get down into the casinos around Sinner’s Meadow a whole lot of gamblers, plus all the poor bastards the sunbinders buried with their pharaohs over the centuries, will become zombies. Or… skeletons maybe. Something undead. Although it might be hard to tell the difference compared with their usual behavior…” Steve mused idly as he rubbed his beard. Steve, Sherry, and Larry all looked out across the reddish sands of the desert before them knowing a vast horde of undead should be approaching them quickly from the valley of the dead where Scott and the rest of his Dicks had been buried, and conveniently lost to time until now.
“So, Steve, out of curiosity, what if Scott has some extra warriors buried at different points around the desert as a vanguard with like skeleton chariots and stuff and we start getting attacked before the Archon has her spell ready?” Fenrina asked.
“That sounds like an oddly specific worry Fenrina… but I guess we’d just have to ride around smashing skeletons until she’s ready. Why?” Steve asked and looked over to see the canine looking behind them.
“Because I think that hill is a tomb.” She pointed and the others looked around to see a mass of skeletons rushing up towards them, some on chariots being pulled by skeleton horses as well.
“Oh shit!” Steve hissed out as Sherry and Larry turned to quickly set up to face the oncoming attack. “Get ready and remember the plan!” Steve shouted.
“What plan?!” Sherry hissed back.
“That’s easy!” Fenrina grinned as she got out front with her shield raised. “Stuff the bad skeletons into the mashing bit! Drive around and find Scott! And then-
Spellslinger Fingerbangs-
“Don’t you dare!” Steve interrupted her before she could finish, and began to cast a fireball at the charging chariots. “The plan is-
Spellslinger Slaps a Dick
“They keep splintering into tiny pieces! I can’t even get a decent snack!” Fenrina growled out as another pair of skeletons rushed up at her only for her sword to cleave through both of them as a cloud of dust erupted in their place.
“We’ve got to somehow get them straight into the grinder!” Steve shouted and hurled a vine spear into the spoke of one of the chariots, causing the whole thing to tumble over as the skeletal horses shattered.
“Maybe Sherry’s whip? It doesn’t seem to destroy them as much!” Fenrina called out.
“The problem is when I whip them they just make these moaning sounds!” Sherry called back as she held a contingent of skeletal warriors at bay to the side of the machine.
“So… they’re immune to the whip?” Steve asked with a glance over.
“No, it still works but it’s really creepy and I don’t like it!” Sherry growled back. “And they don’t run from it they just stick around to get whipped more!”
“I’ve got an idea!” Fenrina announced and used her shield to smash apart another skeleton before rushing over to grab Larry. “Fastball special!”
Larry hates this idea!” The dwarf shouted just before she spun and hurled him into the driver of one of the chariots knocking the skeleton out as Larry tumbled into the chariot. The dwarf quickly grabbed the reins then, but it wasn’t easy as he had to keep hopping to see over the horses.
“Into the machine!” Fenrina yelled at him even as she used her shield to shove several of the warriors in front of Steve’s engine. Realizing what she was doing Steve quickly pulled several reagents from his belt and stuffed them into his mouth before vomiting ice all over them to stick them in place.
“Ugh… I hate the flavor.” He muttered as he spit out a final snowball.
“Stop moaning and get back you creepy shits!” Sherry screamed on the other side of the machine as she kept furiously cracking her whip at the possibly masochistic vanguard of skeletons to try and herd them in front of the engine. Just as they were all in position Larry drove the skeletal horses into the grinder at the front of the machine, shoving the herd of warriors in at the same time as the dwarf hurled himself free of the wreckage at the last moment. For a second nothing seemed to happen as the grinders slowly turned, but then they began to pick up speed and the entire machine started to roll forward slowly.
“Hop on!” Steve called out as everyone jumped onto the nearest seat available. Steve tried to slip into the seat behind the steering wheel but to his surprise Fenrina picked him up before he could fully sit down and tossed him onto the front where he grabbed the nearest set to stop from sliding off. “Fenrina! The hell?!”
“All of you cast magic and stuff! What am I gonna do in here? Ask you to drive closer so I can hit them with my sword?” She snorted and pulled a lever to disengage the brakes. Steve was rather impressed at how much more focused she’d been lately. “Besides this way I can make it go as fast as I want!” She grinned wide as he immediately retracted his thought and sighed.
“Well… aim for the main cluster to get more fossils for fuel!” He hollered and pointed at the group still pouring out of the hill tomb. As they began to roll downhill the machine started to pick up speed both from smashing into more of the now fleeing skeletons, and the downhill course. Steve meant to start casting something to help thin the horde but instead he spent most of his time trying to avoid the sword and spears that were flying past him as the warriors got mulched by the grinder. He’d need to adjust his design a bit for the next one.
Thankfully Fenrina didn’t seem to need any help as his machine plowed through much of the vanguard as they tried to leave the tomb and by now it seemed to be fully charged as a gout of flame erupted from the back pipe making the entire thing shudder a moment. There were several more jerks as explosions rocked the SAFFECSPME forward and Steve desperately clutched the sides of his seat to steady himself. “Steve you asshole slow down!” Sherry screamed to the side.
“I’m not driving!” He yelled back.
“Sorry, force of habit! Fenrina!” The demon looked over but the husky was busy letting out a howl and then letting her tongue dangle in the wind as the machine shot out across the desert, rattling and bouncing over the terrain.
While Steve had planned for the goggles to shield his eyes he’d not given as much thought to his mouth and was coughing as his position at the front of the machine made him a magnet for dirt, sand, and bugs. He quickly pulled a cloth from one of his pouches to wrap around his face. When he looked to one side he saw Sherry had cut part of her shirt to do the same. But when he looked to the other side he saw Larry had in face pulled a rather large pair of panties over his face and then pulled his goggles down over it. “What the-”
These are not Larry’s panties. For Larry does not wear panties. Except right now. As a mask.” He replied before Steve could even ask. Though that didn’t really answer much of anything. Steve wanted to ask more but then Fenrina spoke up as she glanced back.
“Hey Steve what if the skeletons saw what sort of machine we made and somehow like banded together into similar machines but made out of bones and stuff and came chasing after us to stop us and were covered in spikes and more skeletons and stuff?” She asked in one long breathless sentence.
“Uh… that’s… not really… possible?” Steve tried to think of what sort of magic could do something like that but wasn’t sure if it could be done. Especially not so quickly.
“Okay, then I guess I’m hallucinating.” Fenrina shrugged and Steve leaned out to the side to see several skeletal vehicles suddenly chasing after them.
“Oh what the fuck!” He gasped out. One of the smaller skeletal vehicles raced up ahead as he saw a skeletal trumpeter on it blaring some ear piercing tune. “That’s impossible! You guys are cheating!” He yelled over at them even as every skelton aboard the undead machine flipped him off.
“Doot doot motherfucker!” One of the more well armored skeletons simply screamed back at him as they started to jump across to board their ride. The trio had to quickly try and fend off the attackers from their already precarious seats.
“How can a skeleton even play trumpet! You don’t have lips!” Steve screamed as the skeletal minstrel jumped across and played trumpet in his face even as he chopped the skeleton’s legs off at the knees sending the upper body tumbling off the side. Thankfully with the speed Fenrina was going across the desert all they really had to do was shove them back off the sides and they’d be smashed to bits from the impact.
Yet the reanimated bones didn’t seem to have any issues with suicidally trying to ram their new bone-mobiles into the DOOM engine. Thankfully Steve had made his SAFFECSPM to be sturdy, though he was quickly making notes about what to add for the next version. Like something to strap him into his seat as the impacts from the skeletal riders would nearly knock him off the front and off the side. “Fenrina ram back!” Steve called out to her, but as she swerved to hit one of the bone-mobiles all the skeletons atop it just jumped over onto their ride. “New plan! Don’t do that!”
“Haha! Death to the fleshy bois! Fuck flesh!” One of the skeletons cried out as he tried to decapitate Steve with an old sickle sword. Though Steve got his own sword up to parry the attack.
“Yeah death to the fleshy bois! And… whatever this furry one is! Fuck the furry!” Another skeleton yelled as he tried to stab Fenrina with a spear, but she just grabbed the spear and used it to fling the skeleton off the engine.
Larry insists you don’t use that term. It doesn’t mean what you think it does!” The dwarf advised even as he smashed apart another skeleton with his hammer as it tried to jump across.
“Why what does it mean?” Fenrina asked with a frown.
“Yeah, fleshy boi! What’s it mean?” The skeleton from earlier asked before Steve quickly conjured a large stone fish to smash him apart.
Larry does not wish to explain right now. Larry simply… knows things that would suggest you don’t use that term.” The dwarf gave the others an odd look and Steve frowned a moment before narrowly ducking to avoid an arrow shot at them from a nearby bone-mobile.
“Larry do we want to know?” He asked and the dwarf just shook his head. “I swear you’re worse than bards sometimes…” Steve muttered even as he began to fast a fireball to lob back at the skeleton archers.
“Yeah well I’m tired of fighting all these boney bois and getting nothing to eat!” Fenrina growled out and as two of the skeletal vehicles pulled up alongside she yanked on the brake, making Steve let out a startled squeal and nearly roll off the front of the engine and into the grinder, but he caught himself on the edge. The two skeletal vehicles though smashed into each other in a mass eruption of bones which Fenrina then drove through, snagging a wayward femur in her mouth. “Mmhgnrnrng… uch etter…”
“Damnit Fenrina! Can you stop thinking about food for two seconds and focus!” Steve yelled and scrambled to pull himself back into his seat.
“‘Ere ‘e goi’ ‘nywa?” She asked as she kept chewing on the femur, causing little sparks to sizzle around her teeth.
“Uh…” Steve looked forward across the desert as he saw a massive lightning bolt from some cliffs ahead and the clouds began to grow impossibly dark. “Yeah my bet is that way.”
“Also ‘at ‘o I ‘o if ‘I ‘ee’ a ‘ig ‘orado ‘ats s’arkly?” She asked, refusing to give up her snack.
“What do you do if you see a big tornado that’s all sparkly? I don’t know… why do you ask?” Steve was watching Fenrina as he pulled himself back into his seat and then saw her point past him. When he looked back he saw an absolutely massive sand tornado crackling with purple lightning. “Oh for fuck’s sake! Stop asking questions like that Fenrina!”
“Hat? It ‘ot’ ‘I ‘ault!” She huffed.
“I swear it somehow is!” Steve hissed. “Get away from it! Towards the cliffs!” He pointed towards the beam in the sky pulling in more and more dark clouds. But as they got closer to the cliff he saw a tide of skeletons riding an entire fleet of bone-mobiles out towards them. “Never mind! Towards the tornado! Towards the tornado!” He screamed as he waved towards the tornado. Fenrina veered off towards the swirling vortex of sand and lightning as Steven feverishly pulled reagents from his pouches and frantically etched runes into the hood.
Even as they approached the massive storm the skeletons were overtaking them. Sherry had summoned her bone wings and was using them to operate a massive flaming bow to smash apart approaching riders with spear sized flaming bolts, and Larry was tossing holy orbs up into the air before using his hammer like a bat to smack them at the oncoming horde. It was still going to be extremely close as the tornado bore down upon them and the tide of skeletons grew ever closer. “Larry!” Steve screamed to be heard over the howling wind. “Bubble us!”
Larry would have to use up a lot of energy to shield us all! Plus Larry does not appreciate the divine protection being called a bubble!” The dwarf protested, taking a momentary break from lobbing the holy bombs at the skeletons.
“Larry so help me you will bubble us all right now or I’ll tell the Archon what you did in the faculty lounge!” Steve screamed back. The dwarf went wide eyed a moment and set his hands on the engine before a golden sphere shimmered around them just as several of the bone-mobiles smashed into them. Thankfully with the bubble up they were instead blasted apart instead, and Fenrina was free to drive them straight into the vortex.
As the sand and lightning swept over them the bubble crackled and broke apart quickly, but Steve already had his hands up in the air and was shouting out virtually every protective weather ward he knew to create a break in the wind for them barrel through as the storm overtook Scott’s army and began to tear them apart. Steve could feel the drain of energy from shielding them as they thankfully burst out of the sand into the eye of the storm.
Yet even as the sky above them was clear and blue they suddenly saw several more vehicles ahead of them. Except they weren’t the bone-mobiles. They seemed to be made of rusty metal, and several were completely covered in spikes, plus their wheels were very small and made of some material Steve didn’t recognize at all. Not to mention instead of angry undead skeletons they seemed to be crewed by humans wearing bits of strange spiker armor that Steve also didn’t recognize. It didn’t seem like metal.
“Wha? Where did these guys come from?” Steve frowned in confusion. Before he could even try and call out to them one of the spiked vehicles saw him and a rider lobbed a spear at them which exploded just as it hit the sand. More of the rides howled out as he saw them grab at their crotches for some reason and wiggle their tongues in the air. “Okay they’re not friendly.” He growled and quickly lobbed a fireball right back, igniting the vehicle as it exploded in a shower of metal spikes that Fenrina had to dodge.
Several of the spiked hostile rides began to veer off towards him but a sleek black vehicle at the front dropped back and slammed into one, making it spin out and flip over a dune as the riders were tossed screaming into the storm as it moved. Forcing many of the others to drop back as they chased after them. “Oi you beautiful cunt!” Steve frowned as the rider of the sleek black machine came up next to him. Unlike the strange spiked armor the others wore this one was in black leather armor that was a little odd, but still something he was more familiar with.
“What!” Steve called back, unsure about the insult.
“Yeah! Thanks cunt! These mad mates been on me since a piss up in woop woop last night. Fuckin’ hoons ‘mirite?” The rider called back.
“What?” Was all Steve could respond with.
“Oi! Is that a Sheila dingo with tits drivin yer claptrap? Now that’s a bloody awesome mutant it is!” The black clad driver continued.
“What!?” Steve echoed from before, entirely confused.
“Right cunt! ‘Moff to the bottle-o! Hoo roo!” The driver called out before driving into the wall of sand ahead of them.
“I am so lost.” Steve muttered before raising his hands to chant out more wards as Fenrina took them back through the vortex of sand and lightning. This time as they neared the end his arms were truly getting tired and when they burst back out into the sun he let out a relieved gasp and sagged back down into his seat. Fenrina was taking them straight towards the cliff the shadows were growing out of but he didn’t see any more skeletons just yet so he used the time to catch his breath.
“Sherry… did that guy sound like a Drow to you?” Steve asked as he glanced back at the demon.
“You know more about them then me.” She replied with a shrug. “Also why were those other guys all wearing assless chaps?”
“Were they?” Steve frowned. “I think I was focused on other things.” He shook his head slowly and grabbed a rejuvenation potion off his belt as Sherry entered a narrow crack in the cliffs towards the shadow light on the far end. “Alright… uh… maybe slow it down a bit.” Steve urged Fenrina as they sped through the rocky walls with very little room on either side.
“Sure thing!” Fenrina called out, apparently done with her femur at some point. However right after that Steve heard a snap and Fenrina reached forward to hand him a stick. “Hey, can you hold onto this for me?” She asked.
Steve took the lever and looked at it in his hands a moment before realizing what it was. “Fenrina! This is the brake lever!”
“Yeah. It broke.” She replied and then took her hands off the wheel to give him a big shrug as her tongue dangled from her mouth.
“Damnit Fenrina.” Steve sighed, but before he could do anything else they exited the small canyon and came into a clearing with a rather steep drop off as the SAFFECSPM was launched off it into a pit below. The members of DOOM cried out and tumbled off the machine as it plummeted. Thankfully Sherry was quick to get her bone wings out and grab Steve while Fenrina grabbed onto Larry as the dwarf frantically cast another bubble around them so they’d bounce off the ground and roll to a stop while Sherry brought Steve down in a mostly controlled descent as they all landed around the wreckage of Steve’s machine.
“My my my… you really are a tenacious shit sucker.” Steve looked around as he heard that voice and saw Scott standing above them upon a rather short pyramid.
“Is this your pyramid Scott? It’s… a little small.” Steve called back.
“It’s not about the size of the pyramid but how you use it!” Scott screamed back. Around them Steve saw more skeletal warriors start to rush forward from around the pyramid.
“We’ve just got done destroying entire legions of your shitty warriors! What’s a few more?” Steve called up to Scott only to see larger skeletons start to rush out of the pyramid itself. Their armor and weapons obviously superior to the lesser skeletons they’d been fighting. “Well, fine! The more the merrier!” He continued even as black lightning struck the ground and ten foot tall half jackal half human mummies began to burst out of the ground. “I uh… I still think… we’ve got this.” He muttered at the end.
“Do you? Do you really?” Scott asked as the ground around them began to rumble. Besides the pyramid the ground began to shift as sand fell away to reveal an absolutely massive snake rising up. Then the ground around them shifted as Steve realized much of the ground around them was just the coiled tail of this gargantuan snake.
“That… that is… that is a very very big snake.” Steve muttered as he watched it rise up, clad in a rather dazzling jeweled headpiece that constituted the complete output of at least one gold mine, and the centerpiece was a ruby the size of Larry.
“Your pathetic struggle ends here fool!” Scott called back at the snake’s massive forked tongue flicked out a moment and its maw started to open.
“You’re such a dick Scott.” Steve huffed.
“Yes. I’m the king of the dicks! No one is more dick than I! Scott!” The skeleton replied with a maniacal cackle as shadow lightning struck behind him to create an inverse flash of light to highlight his malevolence.
“But you still haven’t found your actual dick I see.” Steve waved at the skeleton’s crotch. “You… dickless wonder!”
“No… That miserable bastard of mine Eddy… I don’t know what he did with it! Him and that treacherous vizier Sigmund. They had the creepiest ideas about mothers.” The skeleton shuddered for a moment and then waved a hand. “But enough of this mindless prattle! You die now and shall be nothing more than snake shit soon! Strike my servant!” He called as the snake hissed out and rose up.
“Hold on I got this.” Sherry said to Steve’s surprise and pushed him aside to step closer to the snake. Her own forked tongue flicked out and she began to hiss at the massive snake. “Hiisss. Hiss hiss hiiisss. Hiss hissss hisss hiss?”
The snake stopped then and seemed to wriggle a moment as it… blushed? “HISSSS HISS HISSS HISSSSS HIIIISSISISS.”
“What is this?” Scott demanded to know even as the two started to talk.
“Snake tongue.” Steve replied.
“I didn’t mean what language you insufferable turd!” Scott yelled back. Meanwhile the snake and Sherry kept talking.
“Hisss hiss hiss hisss. Hhissisiss? Hiss hiss.” Sherry said with an exaggerated toss of her hair.
“HISSS HISS HIIISS HISSSISIS. HISS.” The massive snake rolled its eyes and gave Scott a look even as Sherry gave Steve a similar look that made him squirm.
“The judgement I feel is somehow worse than being eaten by that giant snake.” He muttered.
“Stop dithering about whelp! I command you to eat them! Eat them right now! Do your fucking job and obey me!” The opulently decorated skeleton began to jump up and down as he screamed. This just made the big snake give Sherry a knowing look.
HISS. HISSS HISSSS HIIIISS. HIISSISIS.” It said as Sherry then laughed and waved a hand.
“Hiiisss! Hisss hiss hiss.” With that the big snake rose up and started to slither out of the canyon that Fenrina had just drove them down to leave the clearing.
“Stop! I fucking order you to stop! Get back here you insolent upsized worm! I’ll have you made into boots for my entire army! Get back here right fucking now!” He screamed but the snake just slithered off into the desert leaving them in a now emptier clearing with the short pyramid at the center. Though this did help highlight just how many hundreds of regular skeletons were still around them, dozens of the elite guard, and twenty or so of the big jackalpeople mummies.
“I guess dick’s just don’t know how to talk to ladies.” Steve joked as the others chuckled.
“Forget this fucking foreplay!” Scott called out and pointed a jeweled scepter at them. “I’m still king dick here! Even if I have to track down that traitor and skin her later you won’t be more than a fleshy lump once my warriors are done eviscerating you! There’s four against an army! Was this your plan you festering maggot!?”
“Uh… No. My plan… was…” Steve floundered a moment as he tried to think of what to say. But then against the dark sky above them he saw a green light. When he looked up a massive sphere was hurtling through the air towards them. “Hah! That was my plan dickwad! Behold! The Orb of Donelaps! Eh… why is it all fuzzy?” He wondered for a moment, somewhat stealing his own thunder as the now fuzzy green orb smashed into the ground behind much of the skeletal army.
The fuzz became readily apparent however as the sphere poured open to reveal hundreds of cheering werehusky barbarians who came charging out with all manner of weapon at hand. A mighty battlecry rose up from their ranks and echoed out all around them as they descended upon the unprepared skeletons. “Fooooood!”
“Yeah! Food!” Fenrina cried out as she pumped her sword in the air.
“Why am I not surprised?” Steve asked with a roll of his eyes as the barbarians clashed with the skeletons and mostly focused on ripping them apart to chew on their many bones.
“Steve we’ve still got most of an army between them and us.” Sherry reminded him and he looked around as the ten foot tall jackalpeople mummies closed in.
“Oh shit right.” They backed up against the wreckage of his SAFFECSPM and prepared to fend off the attackers as he yelled up at Scott. “Are you not going to face me yourself Scott? Man to man?”
“No!” The skeleton called back immediately.
“What? Why not!” Steve yelled back.
“Because I’m a dick! How do you not get this?!” The skeleton shrugged as he looked back down on them.
“Oh yeah! Well you might change your mind when you realize you can’t do this!” Steve called out and flipped Scott off.
“Yes I can!” Scott quickly extended a hand to flip Steve off in return.
“Uh… let's try that again. You can’t do this!” Steve now extended both hands to give Scott the double bird.
“This is getting tiresome.” The skeletal king sighed and then set his scepter into a stand so he could double bird Steve in return, only to discover his missing finger. “What! How dare you abscond with my second favorite finger!”
“Yeah! I bet you’d like to demonstrate how you feel with your hands! Except you can’t!” Steve taunted as he waved Scott’s finger at him.
“Murder him and retrieve my finger! I’m coming down there!” Scott screamed and began to stomp down the pyramid towards them.
“Alright guys! If we work together we can-” Steve started only to be jostled as Fenrina bounced off him and then leapt at the nearest mummy as she swiped across his chest, landing besides him and driving her blade into his knee before twisting the blade to pop the mummified leg apart and then spinning away to start attacking the next one.
“Sorry Steve already busy!” She called out as he stood there.
“Fuck… I didn’t teach her… any of that.” He muttered and then looked up as one of the ten foot tall mummies approached him. “Right right… I’ve got this…” He muttered and tried to think about not only what he could cast, but what might work. He’d been going through his supplies alarmingly quickly so far.
“I uh…” The mummy stomped closer as it raised a massive sickle above him. “Uhhhh uhh.. I cast rock!” He slapped together some ingredients and then tossed a pebble at the mummy which bounced off its head. The mummy actually stopped and seemed to give him a confused look. “I cast bigger rock!” Steve shouted and rubbed his hands with the remains of the ingredients and pointed at the mummy as a boulder flew out of the sky and smashed mummy’s skull off completely.
“Hah! I got one guys!” Even as he looked over Fenrina was somehow dueling three of the mummies all at the same time, parrying blows with her sword and shield as she deftly kicked, bashed, and stabbed them in return. Sherry was using her bonewing bow once more to impale mummies and Scott’s elite guard. Larry had initiated a holy poetry slam as he hurled divine insults about how ugly the mummies were to crush their spirits, just before he used his hammer to crush their bones for good measure. “Seriously? When did I become the slacker? When did this happen?” Steve asked no one.
“Shitsucker!” Steve looked back and let out a rather unmanly squeal of surprise as he narrowly leaned out of the way of a blast of green energy from the magical staff the skeletal king held. “You die now!” Scott called out and began to wave his hands to no doubt follow up with a spell.
“Hah! Eat disintegration!” Steve yelled back and grabbed the last of his prepared reagent pouches as he cast the words and fired back at Scott with a golden beam of pure energy before the skeleton could react. However the entire beam just seemed to course around the skeleton as shadowy orbs appeared to deflect the magic. “Uh… well… That was the last of the spells I had planned for today… If you could just… wait for my team to finish up…” Steve suggested and to his surprise Scott stopped casting.
“Oh sure.” He nodded.
“Really?” Steve asked in surprise.
“NO!” Scott screamed and raised his hands as a series of shadow bolts began to fly out towards Steve, making him curse and fling himself around to very narrowly avoid getting impaled. Once the cascade of bolts was over Scott began to cast once more but Steve just tossed his finger at him.
“Here! Take it!” He hollered and backed up as Scott grabbed the finger.
“Yes! Now I can properly flip off children with both hands!” Scott cackled a moment but his cackling was cut short as the finger began to sizzle. “Wait… No!” At the last moment the skeleton reached to grab his arm but it was too late as the finger erupted in a pulse of energy that knocked Scott flat. The shadowy bubbles around him shimmered before they vanished with a distinct POP.
“Huh… I don’t know what I expected… but that wasn’t it.” Steve muttered.
“Alright! Steve! You did it! How do you like that Scott? Steve fingerbanged the shit out of you!” Fenrina called out as she cleaved through the last of the mummies.
“Ugh.” Steve groaned.
“Uuugghh… your dog is disgusting.” Scott muttered as he began to get up.
“Yeah she is at times.” Steve nodded.
“Why won’t anyone tell me what it means!? OOoooo I wanna knoooow!” Fenrina wailed with a howl.
“Anyway it’s you and me now Scott! Man against skeleton!” Steve grinned and charged forward as he hauled off and punched Scott in the face, making the skeleton’s head spin around wildly. “How ya like that! No more magic! Just punching!”
“Yeah Steve fist him good!” Fenrina encouraged as she began to bound over.
“Oh for fuck’s sake… Please just… stop.” Steve groaned out and tried to focus on punching Scott’s spinning skull once more. But this time as he tried he gasped in pain as Scott’s teeth clamped around his knuckles. “Aaahhh! Oowww! OW! Stop it!” He tried to pry his hand free of Scott’s mouth but the skeleton growled and chewed harder for a moment until finally letting go. Steve staggered back clutching his now bloody hand.
“What’s wrong Steve? Didn’t know I was a biter?!” Scott asked with a cackle. By now Fenrina had charged over, but to his surprise when she swung to smash Scott apart with her sword the skeleton parried the blow with his arm. Every blow she swun was parried by the one armed skeleton as she even tried to shield bash, and kick only to be countered at every turn. “Fools! I am a warrior king! I’m more than just magic! Even my bones have been enchanted! Nothing you wield can harm me!” Rolling past Fenrina Scott plucked his staff up from the ground and spun it around before smashing it into the werehusky, sending her flying in a burst of magic energy as shs slammed into the side of the SAFFECSPM with a howl.
Steve looked around a moment in desperation and found Scott’s other arm that had been blown free by the fingerbanging earlier. Picking it up he wielded it like a flail and charged at the skeleton who was leveling his staff at Fenrina. Steve lashed out with the arm to slap Scott with it, knocking the skeleton aside and causing his magical bolts to fly wildly into the air. “Quit hitting yourself! Quit hitting yourself!” Steve began to chant then as he slapped Scott with his own arm, knocking the villain back step by step, getting him closer to the front of the engine.
“Motherless-” Scott began to hiss even as Steve slapped him across the face once more. But the king had enough as he slammed his staff into the ground and Steve was sent flying back with an energy pulse. “Enough!” Scott bellowed.
“That’s what you think!” Sherry called out as a fire spear shot through Scott’s ribs. But the skeleton just stood there entirely unimpressed.
“Oh no. Fire. What is it going to do? Burn me to the bone?” He asked and snapped the spear apart to toss it aside.
“Larry! We need divine magic here!” Sherry called out but the air around them flickered and grew… not exactly dark… but not exactly light. It was… moody. Nicely so. Steve slowly picked himself up and looked over as he and Sherry both saw the dwarf sitting on a rock a little ways away with some candles out, drinking from his waterskin. “What… Is he?” Sherry started.
“Larry! Did you just use the last of your magic to have a fucking wine break?!” Steve shouted at the dwarf who just held up a finger and kept upending his entire waterskin having turned it into wine. “Fucking healer’s union and their mandatory breaks!” Steve hissed.
“It doesn’t matter.” Sherry called out and pointed behind Scott as the army of barbarian werehuskies got closer, tearing apart the skeletons with ease. “You’re done Scott.”
“A dick isn’t done until there’s nothing left!” Scott screamed back and drove his staff into the ground. “It might take me a thousand years but I can dig myself out eventually! Can you?!” He asked as the cliffs all around them began to shake and rumble. The shadowlighting from the dark sky coursing out and striking at the rocks as it became clear he planned to bury everyone here with him.
Fenrina slowly pulled herself up besides the machine then and raised a hand. “Steve! Bone me!”
“Ugghh…” Steve groaned.
“Uuuugghhh…” Sherry shuddered.
Larry just kept drinking wine.
“Okay… even I think that was especially crass.” Scott sighed.
“What? Why are you all…” Fenrina looked confused and waved her hand. “Steve! The bone! In your hand! Throw it to me! BONE ME!”
“Oh. OH!” Steve hastily reached back and hurled the arm towards her. Scott tried to reach up and grab it but it just cleared his fingers allowing Fenrina to snatch it out of the sky and shove it into the grinder at the front of the engine. The whole thing crackled as Scott’s extremely potent fossilized remains sent a surge of energy through it and the wreckage of Steve’s machine drove forward.
“Noooo!” Scott screamed out just before the grinder slammed into him, but the wreck was halted against the staff stuck into the ground. The engine shuddered and sparks rose up around it as it was filled with energy.
[Continued in Comments]
submitted by RegalLegalEagle to HFY [link] [comments]

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Sky Bet

Jamie from Sharon at Sea shares some great info about Cruise Ship Casinos and what you should know before throwing down your hard-earned money. Share your Ca... Sevdiğiniz videoların ve müziklerin keyfini çıkarın, orijinal içerik yükleyin ve tümünü YouTube'da arkadaşlarınızla, ailenizle ve dünyayla paylaşın. Colin is one of the Pros from Blackjack Apprenticeship, as well as the subject of the documentary "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians."... Sky Bet Sportsbook Review - £30 Free Bet - OGR - Duration: 4:19. ... T Mobile Advert Hey Jude in Trafalgar Square [TV Ad from 2nd May 2009] - Duration: 2:01. robot1066 Recommended for you. 2:01 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue #CasinoHighRollers #GamblingAddiction In this video, I am going to detail for you what it's like being a high roller at the casino, what VIP status is like, ... *UNLIMITED CHIPS GLITCH* WIN BLACKJACK ALL THE TIME WITH THIS MONEY GLITCH IN GTA ONLINE: To my Second C... A lot of people have been asking where to get the bank. Here is the website: 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use...